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Name: Octorock
First Appearance in Video Games: The Legend of Zelda
First Appearance in Lemmy's Land: E-MAN AND DOOPLISS interview MARIO
Favorite Food: Rolls (They remind him of the rocks he shoots)
Favorite Koopa Kid: Lemmy and Morton (only when he squishes him)
Least Favorite Koopa Kid: Roy (thinks Octorocks are weak and stupid)
Likes: E-Man, Interviews, squishing Morton, playing Mario and Zelda games
Hates: Link, Ganon, Kamek, Roy

Octorock didn't want to fight Link because he would get killed by him. Ganon tried to force him to fight, but Octorock refused to do so. That is when he shot one of his rocks at Ganon. This angered him so much, he kicked Octorock all the way to the Mushroom Kingdom. When he arrived, the first person he met was the E-Man. E-Man and Octorock became fast friends after that. A few months later, E-Man went to Lemmy's Land with Octorock. When they got there, E-Man started sending submissions to Lemmy that always included Octorock and his friends. A few weeks later, Kamek kidnapped him and tried to use him as a potion ingredient. Octorock was able to escape, but on his way out, he accidentally drank this potion that gave him the power of speech. He's still friends with the E-Man, and it will always be that way.

Artwork by Fried Rooster

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