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Name: E-Man
Real Name: Erik
Age: 15
Species: Human
First Appearance in Video Games: None
First Appearance in Lemmy’s Land: E-MAN AND DOOPLISS interview MARIO
Favorite Food: Seafood (including lobster)
Favorite Koopa Kid: Lemmy
Least Favorite Koopa Kid: None
Favorite Mario Games: Super Mario 64, both Super Smash Bros. games, both Paper Mario games
Favorite Non-Mario Games: Most of the Zelda games, most of the Donkey Kong games, the Star Fox games, most of the Kirby games, both Pikmin games, most of the Pokémon games, Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, Animal Crossing Wild World, some of the Spyro games, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Pac-Man World 2
Likes: Interviews, his Star Rod, Doopliss, all of Team Doopliss, Yu-Gi-Oh, Mario and his friends, Octorock, Totally Spies, TV shows based on Nintendo video games, Nintendo, McDonalds characters, Kody, Lemmy’s Land, Lemmy, web comics that are based on Nintendo video games, Christmas, writing Fun Fiction, going on adventures, cameos, breaking the fourth wall
Hates: Disney, people who try to harm Nintendo, steroids, Halloween, scary stuff, bad words, people who make fun of Nintendo, fake Mario, Dark Koopa (only because he has a better interview show), Rudy the Clown, dumb adult shows, stupid cartoons

Stats (without Star Rod)
Attack: 14
Defense: 7
Speed: 23
Stache: 4
Health: 45
Magic Energy: 0
Attack Magic: 0
Transformation Magic: 0
Teleport Magic: 0
Materialization Magic: 0
Other Magic: 0

Stats (with Star Rod)
Attack: 1,234
Defense: 1,543
Speed: 23
Stache: 4
Health: 45
Magic Energy: Unlimited
Attack Magic: 99,999
Transformation Magic: 99,999
Teleport Magic: 99,999
Materialization Magic: 99,999
Other Magic: 99,999

Appearance: He looks like a young boy (even though he’s 15) that is Anime-styled. He has green eyes, blond hair, and wears a red T-Shirt, blue shorts (or blue jeans depending on the season), white tennis shoes, and John Lennon-like glasses. He is often holding a Star Rod in his right hand. The Star Rod is a wooden stick that is half the length of his arm with an orange crystal in the shape of a star at the end of it.

Erik is a young boy from the Magic Kingdom, a magical place between Hyrule and the Mushroom Kingdom that has nothing to do with Disney. Erik always wanted to leave the kingdom so that he could help Mario and the other Nintendo heroes. One day, he was sent on a quest to explore the five lands of the kingdom to find the five pieces of a powerful weapon known as the Almighty Star Rod. When he went to Transformation Land to find the piece of Transformation, he met the sheet-wearing prankster, Doopliss. Erik let Doopliss join him on his quest and Doopliss started to call Erik by the nickname E-Man. Erik thought that it suited him perfectly and he let other people call him that as well. After finding all of the five pieces, he took them to the Star Castle at the heart of the kingdom to get them fused together to form the Star Rod. When he fused the Star Rod together at last, the wicked (and also rude) Rudy the Clown appeared from nowhere and challenged E-Man to a duel of magic. With a little help from Doopliss, he beat Rudy, but the fiend swore he would get revenge on E-Man by annoying him in all sorts of places.

E-Man and Doopliss left the kingdom at last, and then they set sail for the Mushroom Kingdom. When they first got there, the duo went on a whole mess of crazy adventures known as the Team Doopliss Saga. They befriended many people to join them, and they traveled everywhere to fight evil. After the adventures were finally over, they decided to settle down in the Mushroom Kingdom. One day, an Octorock fell from the sky and landed in front of E-Man’s house. E-Man and Doopliss befriended the Octorock and had so many good times with him. A few months later, E-Man set out on a quest to find one of his favorite things, web comics. During one of his attempts to find them, he was captured by Lemmy Koopa.

After a whole lot of hassle, Lemmy took E-Man to a small park known as Lemmy’s Land. E-Man started to like Lemmy’s Land and Lemmy Koopa after he found out that Lemmy’s Land was a place to see many stories about Mario and his pals. The first thing he looked at was all of the fan art and Funnies, but he started to like more of Lemmy’s Land later on. After seeing an Interview by Kody, E-Man decided to take Doopliss and Octorock to Lemmy’s Land so he start his own Interview show. E-Man now dreams of becoming the interview super star, becoming very good friends with Kody, and opening his own website that will be called; The World of the E-Man.

Artwork by Fried Rooster

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