Murder After Dinner

By b

April 24, 2010

One day, as a result of nothing going wrong in Bowser’s castle for the past week, Bowser allowed each of his children to invite one friend over to the castle for the day. Each Koopaling chose someone who was very similar to themselves. Ludwig chose a colleague, Charles, from Sarasaland. They were going to have a debate about the positives and negatives of eating chocolate. Lemmy and Iggy chose each other, having no other friends. After all, they were almost twins in their behavior! Roy chose a kid named Ron that he boxed with on weekends and with whom he intended to practice. Wendy chose a girl she knew from Koopergarten named Darla with whom she would give and receive a makeover. Morton chose someone named Chuck who hosted a talk show in the Mushroom Kingdom, with whom he hoped to hold a long conversation. And Larry chose the neighborhood gardener, Ned, to get some advice on how to make his Piranha Plants grow faster.

After dinner, the Koopalings and their friends each went off to their rooms, when the power went out. Bowser called a meeting in his throne room over the intercom, and all his children and their guests came. But one of Bowser’s guests or children decided to murder another.

In the throne room, one stated, “I am present, Your Highness.”

Another guest or child fell from their perch, his friend there to pick him up. “Here,” they both stated weakly.

Bowser could smell makeup from two different parts of the room, a smell that doesn’t mix too well with the chocolate that someone was eating. As Bowser walked through the room, something bit him. He turned and yelled, “Who did that?!”

One of his sons responded, “Sorry Dad, it won’t happen again.

Then a loud sound was heard as a different person who hadn’t done anything yet dropped their glasses. This person’s friend laughed loudly at them. “Hey! That’s not funny!” said the person who dropped the glasses.

Bowser was suddenly bombarded with words. “So, when is the power going to go back on? I really want to know because I have to go home soon, as I have work tomorrow, so please tell me when I can leave.”

Bowser was about to reply when a scream was heard, and Bowser ran out the door. He could barely make out one of his guests on the floor, dead.

Who was killed?
Who killed him or her?

And the answer is...

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