The Board Game Game

By Gigi Koopa

It is a regular morning at Kastle Koopa. Gigi Koopa comes to visit her cousins, the Koopalings.

Gigi: Hi, Uncle Bowser!

Bowser: Ah, Gigi! Come in.

Gigi walks in.

Gigi: Hi everyone. What do you want to do?

Larry: We were just about to play Sorry.

Lemmy: Nuh-uh! We were going to play Monopoly.

Roy: No way! It was Chutes and Ladders!

Wendy: I think it was Scrabble, thank you very much!

Gigi: Well, instead of arguing, why not battle to decide?

Morton: Okey dokey, sounds good, ok, okay, all right, letís do it, címon already!

Gigi: All right, weíll start in 3Ö2Ö

Before Gigi could finish, she felt herself being blasted backwards by a Koopaling who hadnít spoken yet.

Gigi: Címon, no fair!

The same Koopaling immediately pounded Gigi, knocking her out. But he was soon punched in the stomach, sending him flying into a window, meeting his death. The murderer grabbed a slightly younger Koopaling and flung her into the wall, which cracked her shell. This Koopaling began screaming loudly but soon met his/her fate as another Koopaling shoved a sock all the way into her throat, choking her to death.

???: Ha, you got it this time!

The Koopaling who just spoke soon heard a bouncing noise behind him. He whirled around just in time to see an older Koopaling bouncing towards him.


The bouncing Koopaling bounced on his/her victimís head, knocking him out. The character who had been knocked out earlier then murdered the other KOíd Koopaling.

???: Now itís the small ones.

This character shell-slid into something underneath the bouncy Koopaling. A loud POP could be heard as the bouncy Koopaling began crying. His younger brother came to comfort him, but both noticed a Koopaling on top of a chandelier, unscrewing it.

???: GERANIMO!!!

The two Koopalings were soon squished by a chandelier, meeting their fate then and there. The name of the Koopaling who murdered these two had 3 words in it. He was soon murdered by a non-Koopaling.

???: Now itís the small ones!

This character looked around to find another Koopaling, but soon felt herself falling and looked down to see that the floor had been cut out from under him/her.

???: Waaah!!!

The remaining Koopaling fed a 1-Up to his siblings and sent a ladder and 1-Up to the one he just murdered.

???: Time to play.

Who won the game?

And the answer is...

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