The Mysterious Murder of Martin Magikoopa

By banjonator1

Although the weather was fair enough, the day promised to turn into disaster very soon...

Bowser was in the main hall with his old colleague, Martin Magikoopa. All of a sudden Martin yelled out in pain! He had been attacked! A Koopaling ran out of the room in a hurry. Martin lay on the floor, dead.

Bowser called a family meeting. Each of his kids lined up in a row.

“Now!” Bowser said in a smug tone. “As one of you already knows, a murder has been committed in this house. Family tradition states that all of you must be questioned. However, I already know who committed this heinous act. I just want to see you squirm. In this bottle,” says Bowser, holding up a vial full of some sky-blue potion, “is the most potent truth serum in the world. Do not bother trying, because it is impossible to lie while under its effect. I just can’t stress that enough.”

Bowser gave each Koopaling a sip. “Where were you when it happened?” Bowser asked each.

“Making a list of what I wan- I mean, what I’m getting for Christmas,” replied the 1st.

“Watering my plants,” replied the 2nd.

“Walking through the hall. Heard a scream. Ran away,” replied the 3rd.

“I was teaching the 5th how to balance on a ball,” replied the 4th.

“Brushing my luscious rainbow hair, while on a ball.” That is what the 5th said.

“Throwing my weight around. While learning how to brush my hair from the guy on the ball. It’s hard,” replied number 6.

“I was in the room when he got murdered,” replied the last.

“So you killed him!” shrieked Bowser.


“Obviously lying,” muttered Bowser. “Take him away.”

Who is the murderer?

And the answer is...

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