Lemmy is Sick
By Lemmy Koopa

Artwork by Master Lord <a href=../lk13/lk13.php?Submission=8 target='_blank'>Roy</a>

"I don't feel so good," Lemmy groaned, pushing away his uneaten moldy bread.

"What's the matter?" asked Clawdia, putting her hand on Lemmy's forehead.

"I don't know," Lemmy moaned.

"Could it be the invention that exploded in your proximity?" asked Ludwig.

"How about the pounding I gave you this morning?" Roy suggested.

"Mario jumped on you a couple hundred times yesterday," Iggy noted.

"I believe you found my high heels in your head this morning," Wendy recalled.

"Perhaps my loud and continuous speeches gave you a ringing headache my brother but that's not actually possible so I'd stick with Roy's idea I mean a punch to the stomach would sure hurt me a lot and if I got one I'd OUCH!"

Everyone besides Morton and Roy applauded, and Roy took a bow.

"I don't feel so good," Morton groaned.

"Didn't Playful scratch you today?" asked Larry. Suddenly, he saw Playful glaring at him. "May...be not!" he quickly corrected himself.

"I think I'm gonna go to bed," Lemmy muttered as he left the table.

"Finish your dinner or you're gonna wish you'd never gotten sick!" roared Bowser.

Lemmy returned and finished his dinner, then went to bed.

Later that night...

Lemmy sat up in bed. "I'm hungry!" he hissed to himself as he tummy rumbled. "Strange, you're not usually hungry while you're sick. Oh well, I guess I'll make some pizza."

Lemmy got out of bed and tried to make his way out of the room, but instead of walking out the door, he walked into the frame of his window. "Ouch!" he shrieked.

Lemmy tried to hold his spinning head with his hands, and he was able to see clearly enough to get out of the room. He made his way to the kitchen while only going the wrong way a couple dozen times, and none of his siblings seemed to mind being awoken as he went into their room by accident, or shrieked loudly outside their room, or tried to put them in the oven.

Finally, Lemmy reached the kitchen, and found the frozen pizza in the fridge. He tried to read the instructions for heating it, but with his vision all blurry, it wasn't easy. "Heat the oven to a million degrees. Unwrap the pizza and go in the oven. Enjoy," Lemmy read.

Puzzled but hungry, Lemmy set the oven to a billion degrees, unwrapped the pizza, and climbed into the oven. Then...

Well, obviously there isn't too much more to tell for this story.

By the way, it was the moldy bread that made Lemmy sick, and the other Koopas soon followed in their own ways.

So, if you feel any symptoms, such as a headache, a cough, a sore throat, dizziness, sleepiness, or anything at all, such as the bed, or even happy, please go see your doctor right away, and don't make any pizza first. Just go see the doc!

This has been a true story.

And I really am sick.

The End

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