LEMMY interviews ???
By Lemmy Koopa

Lemmy: Good day all! I trust you wonít hold those other Interviews against me.

Audience: Wishful thinking!

Lemmy: GeeÖ thanks a lot.

Audience: Youíre welcome!

Lemmy: Iím doing an Interview today, obviously, but I donít know who my guest is. So, Iíll be relying on questions from you to help figure it out. My guest will answer in yes or no questions only. The first person to shout out the answer will win a prize. Got it?

Audience: No.

(The mystery guest walks on. It is covered in a disguise: a bag over its head.)

Lemmy: Tough! Ok, you, in seat 76, start us off!

Matthew: Ok, so did you like my Interview with the 12-foot ant?

???: No.
Morton: Do you like wedding cake?
???: No.
Luigi: What did you think of Lemmyís parody of Survivor?
Everybone Else: Huh?!
Luigi: OopsÖ I caught a sneak preview of it.
Toad: Are you a badguy?
???: Yes.

(Toad races out of the room.)

Ludwig: Please allow me to set the record in order. Are you a serious badguy, or merely a cheap imitation of such?

Lemmy: Yes or no questions only!

Karma: Have I ever beaten you up before?

???: No.

Wendy: Did you ever buy me a dress?

???: Yes.

Blackbelt: Did you get roped into coming to Lemmyís lame Interviews instead of mine?

???: Yes.

Mario: Here we go!

(Security guards come and drag Mario out.)

Yoshi: Is guest big than Yoshi?

???: Yes.

Lemmy: But only when youíve not eaten to full capacity.

Wario: Are you easy to steal from?

???: No.

Peach: Have you kidnapped me before?

???: Yes.

Iggy: How about me?

???: No.

Roy: Do you think Iím cool?

???: No.

Waluigi: Are you Wario?

???: No.

Smash: Do you rule the Koopas by any chance?

???: Yes.

Smash: Darn, Iím stumped.

Lemmy: Any guesses?

Larry: Itís Bowser!

Bowser: ROARGH!

(Bowser tears off the bag and looks quite angry.)

Lemmy: Nice job Larry! How did you guess? Was it that really good clue at the end?

Larry: Nah, I used my X-ray specs to see through the bag.

Lemmy: Well, you win-

Bowser: A trip to the dungeon!

Larry: Aw poot.

(Bowser runs over to Larry and hurls him straight into the dungeon. Then he starts terrorizing the rest of the audience.)

Lemmy: Iíll see ya next time, if you survive!

(Suddenly the camera is hit by- no, I wonít stoop so low as to get into that contest.)

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