BRAWL interviews LEMMY
By Brawl and Lemmy Koopa

Brawl: Welcome to my Interview! Like before this is live and will be shown hours later... HAHAHA! I am your host with the most... Brawl!


Brawl: Course... let's all laugh at me...

(The audience laughs hysterically.)

Brawl: Give them an inch and they walk all over you. Anyway, I am interviewing the lord of Ice Land and the best Koopa, Lemmy. Everyone give a round of applause for Lemmy.



(The audience claps.)

I am sourounded by idiots! No, not you Lemmy. Anyway, thanks for coming.

Lemmy: It's pleasant to be here... I guess.

Brawl: Let's see, what should I ask? I know, tell me how life's going for you.

Lemmy: Wow, that's a rather general question. How is life going for me? Well, Mario hasn't managed to kill me yet, so I can't complain too much. I wish summer would end, as it's just annoyingly warm, but I have a long list of pranks to try out so working on them helps me get through it. Er, does that answer the question?

Brawl: Fair enough. I haven't played every Mario game, I have only play so many, and I think you are in more games then I know. What games are you or your other siblings in?

Lemmy: We all appear in Mario 3, Mario World, and Yoshi's Safari. Some of us appear in Mario is Missing. The SNES version has Ludwig, Iggy, and Roy, while the PC version adds Wendy and Larry.

Brawl: Like I said, I haven't played al the games. What's your favorite snack food?

Lemmy: Ice cream is really a dessert, so my favorite snack is chocolate pudding.

Brawl: I have seen in Mario All-Stars that the names of the lands were changed a little. How do you respond to that?

Lemmy: It's just the names... it doesn't make any difference to me.

Brawl: They were more thoughful in All-Stars. What do you think was the lamest game Mario appeared in?

Lemmy: Probably one of those edutainment games, like Mario Teaches Typing.

Brawl: Yuck, Mario Teaches Typing, what a waste of space. Who is your favorite sibling?

Lemmy: That would have to be Iggy... we still get along very well even if we don't normally share sentences anymore.

Brawl: Wanna Twinkie?

Lemmy: Actually, I'm not much of a Twinkie fan.

Brawl: Oh well.

(Brawl eats a Twinkie.)

Brawl: Mmm... that's good stuff. This might be a stupid question, but does your hair naturally stay up like that or do you have to comb it?

Lemmy: I have to comb it, of course. It takes a lot of gel.

Brawl: I bet... What would you say if they put you and the other siblings in another game, like one for the GameCube?

Lemmy: I'm not sure exactly what I'd say... it depends on how I find out about it, but I definitely want to appear in another game. 3D would be really nice, but I'll take anything.

Brawl: Speaking of amazing things, you do a really amazing trick with you balancing on the ball. What games did it feature you fighting on or with the ball against Mario and Luigi?

Lemmy: Mario 3 was the only game with the ball. But then again, I've only actually been in three games, and you can only see me standing once.

Brawl: On the subject of Mario 3, Ice land I must say is a very productive land. Kudos to your work there. Other than Dark Land, your land is the best.

Lemmy: Thanks.

Brawl: :D Mario Bros. 3 is my favorite game. What is yours?

Lemmy: I think I also like Mario 3 best, although I don't know why. So many other games seem like they would be better, and yet I keep coming back to the classics, and especially that one.

Brawl: This isn't fake, this is coming to you very live, from about three hours ago. What's your favorite minion?

Lemmy: You know, there aren't a lot of ice minions. I know I've said differently in the past, but today I like Shy Guys. They're not the strongest of minions but they have a lot of fun, and sometimes their antics even work... almost, anyway.

Brawl: Shy Guys, over-populated because they have hundreds of jobs. Is there any differance between the Boom Booms oher then the fact that they are different colors and some can fly?

Lemmy: Well, the Boom Booms aren't all identical twins, if that's what you mean. But they're pretty similar, at least the ones that Bowser chose to fight for him.

Brawl: Ha. Do you consider youself a good artist?

Lemmy: No, I can't draw for my life. I don't visualize well either, so even if I could draw I wouldn't know what to.

Brawl: Oh I don't think so, you just need you imspiration. It will come someday. I enjoyed the doomships and tanks, very nicely done in Mario Bros. 3. Is that paint on the back of your head? You know those two lines? I like 'em.

Lemmy: Er, no, the red marks have always been there, as far as I know. I assume I was born with them. That or I was dropped on a knife or two as an infant.

Brawl: I am sure some funny stuff has happened in your life. Is there anything funny you would like to share with us?

Lemmy: No, but maybe you would. Your hair seems to have gone missing.

Brawl: What do you mean my hair is missing?

Lemmy: Hm, it seems to be gone. Uh, but don't worry, I'm sure it will grow back by the time this Interview's over, so no one will see you except for the millions watching right now.

Brawl: Sorry to break this Lemmy, but since I am on cut backs and such, and just starting, there are only a hundred people watching, give or take. NOW WHO WAS MESSING WITH MY HAIR?! Whoever it was is soo dead.

Lemmy: Nah, I doubt it.

Brawl: What do you mean?

Lemmy: Well duh, I did it.

Brawl: ... Fair enough, ok. (to a tape recorder) Note to self, Lemmy is quicker then me. Lose some weight!
(aloud) Anyway, back the the Interview. Why did you mess with the doo?

Lemmy: I thought it would be funny... for me and for the audience if not for you. And I needed an answer for something funny.

Brawl: Ok, let's get some questions from the audience. Seat number 2 1/3!

Waluigi: Why did make me look bad in fron of every-

Brawl: Seat 52 1/67!

Shy Guy: You like me! You really like me!

Brawl: That's not a question. Seat 63 1/3!

Grandpa: Do you have my pills?

Brawl: What? Is this guy even a video game person? Seat 43 1/2.5!

Boshi: What do you think was your best breakthrough?

Lemmy: My biggest breakthrough? That would assume that I'm a success or something. But, depending on exactly what you mean, it might be the invention of my Freeze Gun, which I like to use a lot.

Brawl: Seat 90000000000000000000!

Lakitu: There aren't that many seats.

Brawl: Oh yeah. Why is my studio the cheapest, and why does it have weird seat numbers?

Lakitu: You were the one who wanted it.

Brawl: Curse my cheap self. Seat 1!

Gournet Guy: Is it correct that Mario RPG had a wedding cake in it?

Brawl: Forgive me for answering Lemmy, but I know this one. Yes, his name was Bundt.

Gournet Guy: Excuse me!

(Gourmet Guy runs out of the studio.)

Brawl: Rrrrright. Seat 45.343.45@#!

Dancing Bushes: We are the dancing bushes in Grass Land. We also appear in Water Land, Giant Land, Sky Land, Ice Land, and Pipe Land. Do you ike our dance?

Brawl: Haha! Lemmy?

Lemmy: Um, your dance sorta gets a bit repetitious, going back and forth like that. But, considering that trees are kinda stuck in the ground, I suppose it's rather impressive.

Brawl: Boy that's funny, I never get tired of that. Seat 212!

Cat: Meow?

Brawl: !!! It's that cat again! How ca it still be alive?! I've killed it more then enough times! ... SInce we are still recording and the cat is a paying customer, I will take it down after the Interview. Seat %%%.

Shy Guy: You like me too!

Brawl: Last question, seat 6b.

Gournet Guy: That cake was decent, not the best I have tasted.

Brawl: I... wow... ok, Lemmy, before we sign off, could you please balance youself on yout ball? If you do I will give you a case of chocolate pudding and 100 coins.

Lemmy: Wow, I'd do that for fre- Whoops, er, I mean, it's hard work, but I guess I'll do it.

(Lemmy hops out of his chair and lands on his ball. After rolling around for a bit, he jumps into the air with his feet wrapped around the ball, then bounces clear across the audience and back. As he lands on the floor after the return trip he hops into his chair as if nothing unusual just happened.)

Lemmy: Gimme my pudding!

Brawl: Here you go. Thank you for your time. Lemmy Koopa everyone, the coolest Koopa of them all. I would like to thank Lemmy for appearing on my show, thank you for making this Interview very funny, embarrassing... and entertaining. I'd also like to thank my camera, Lakitu. This is Brawl saying goodnight!

Anouncer: This had been a Misery Train Productions. It's my cheese.

Brawl: I hope my hair grows back by my next Interview. That's right, I am coming back! COME HERE STUPID CAT!

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