The Grand Adventure of Mario and Kazooie

By Spiker Koopa

(Note that this story was modeled after the game Banjo-Kazooie.)

One day, in another world, there was a evil witch named Grunty who was inside her lair talking to her magical pot named Dingpot.

Grunty: Dingpot, Dingpot by the bench, who is the nicest looking wench?

Dingpot: Why, itís Grunty any day, she really takes my breath away... cough!

Grunty: Yes you're right, I'm rather proud, my looks stand me out from the crowd!

Dingpot: Err... But there is this girl...

Grunty: What d'you mean, this cannot be, there's no one prettier than me!

Dingpot: Why, itís Princess Peach, cute and sweet, her looks couldnít be beat!

Grunty: No no no you must be mad, nicer beauty can't be had!

Dingpot: Unfortunately, I think youíll find, Princess Peach is much more kind.

Grunty: Well, weíll see about that! Now where is she, that bat!

Dingpot: She is in another world called Plit, there is where youíll hit!

Grunty: Stop your horrible rhyming, you donít have the good timing.

Dingpot: If I have to...

On Plit, Princess Peach is waiting outside Marioís house as Luigi comes by.

Luigi: Hi Peach! What are you doing?

Peach: Iím waiting for Mario to come outside so he can take me on a picnic, but he is taking awhile...

Luigi: Oh, well, good luck with that.

Luigi walks away from Peach and notices a flying blob.

Luigi: Hey! Look at the big blob! It looks as though itís been eating too much McGoombas...

Grunty: If Princess Peach thinks she's fairer than me, I'll steal her looks and ugly she'll be.

Luigi: Wahh! Itís after the princess! Iíd better warn her!

Luigi quickly runs back to Princess Peach.

Peach: Hey Luigi, whatís wrong?

Luigi: (panting) Big blob on a broom... coming to... steal your beauty...

Peach: Umm... I donít get it, is this a joke?

Grunty swoops down and tries to steal the princess.

Grunty: Come to me, my little pretty, you'll soon be ugly, what a pity!

Peach: Get away from me, you old hag!!!

Grunty: Don't scratch and bite, little troll, now that I have captured you, letís roll!

Grunty flies away on her broom with Peach in her hands.

Luigi: Wahh!!! Iíd better wake up Mario!

Luigi runs inside Marioís house and pokes Mario, who wakes up.

Luigi: Mario! Peach has been kidnapped by a witch named Grunty!

Mario: Oh no! Well, where is this hag? Iíll have Peach back in seconds!

Luigi: I think I heard her say something about going to Isle-O-Hags, at least thatís what I heard.

Mario: Butís thatís in another world! We might need some help getting there...

Luigi: I know just the guy for the mission.

Mario and Luigi go to Bowserís castle and go to Kamekís room and explain what happened to Peach

Mario: And so, Kamek, thatís why we need your help!

Kamek: Interesting, and why should I help you two?

Luigi: Because then Bowser wonít be able to takeover the Mushroom Kingdom!

Kamek: Hmm, a good point, but are you sure you canít get another guy to do this mission?

Mario: I am as sure as I have never been!

Kamek: Fine, but donít come back saying I didnít help you, Mario.

Luigi: What do you mean? I am coming along too!

Kamek: My magic can transport only one person, and you, Luigi, well I guess I could try, but you might die trying to come along with Mario.

Luigi: Never mind. Mario, good luck!

Kamek teleports Mario away to Isle-O-Hags.

Luigi: Kamek, do you believe Mario will bring back Peach?

Kamek: If Mario tries hard enough. But I will make this harder on him. Bowser Junior!

Bowser Jr. walks into Kamekís room

Bowser Jr: Yes Kamek?

Kamek: Do you want to save your mommy?

Bowser Jr: Oh yes, Kamek! Why? Did the bad man take her away?

Kamek: Err, well a witch stole her, and Mario is trying to team up with the witch!

Bowser Jr: Oh no! Take me to the witch and Mario!

Kamek teleports Bowser Jr. away to Isle-O-Hags.

Luigi: Hey! You said only one person could go!

Kamek: One person at a time, and now my magic has run out for the month.

Luigi: Dang it!

At Isle-O-Hags, Mario falls onto a house.

Mario: OUCH! That hurt. Maybe I could find some help around here.

Mario walks into the house and sees a bear sleeping on a bed.

Mario: Umm, excuse me, Mr. Bear, can you help me?

???: Psst! He wonít be able to help you.

Mario: Who said that?

A red bird pops out from a backpack laying next to the bed.

Bird: Hi, my name is Kazooie, and I hear you have a problem, so what is it, Reddie?

Mario: My name is Mario, and my princess was stolen by a witch.

Kazooie: Hard to believe that you are dating a princess, but I could help you!

Mario: But wouldnít Mr. Bear get angry if I took you from his home?

Kazooie: His name is Banjo, and I would like to see the day he would get angry at anyone! So wear the backpack, I can help you fly and do all kinds of stuff.

Mario: Umm, ok, Iíll try!

Mario puts on the backpack

Kazooie: Nice. Now I suppose you want me to take you to the witch, am I right?

Mario: Yes! Please?

Kazooie: Well, she shouldnít be hard to find, due to the fact that she lives in the big tower next to the house.

Mario goes outside and looks at the big witch tower.

Mario: I knew that.

Kazooie: Suuuure you did. Anyway, letís go!

As Mario and Kazooie head up to the tower entrance, Bowser Jr. falls from out of the sky and lands on a pile of rocks.

Bowser Jr: Ouch! That hurt! But I am already behind! Mario is going up to the castle! Maybe they will hurt Peach! I'd better stop talking to myself and get to the top first!

Meanwhile at the top of the tower, Grunty and Peach are in a machine called Beauty Galore.

Grunty: This fine contraption, so I'm told, will make me young and Peach old!

Peach: Oh my! Mario will stop you!

Grunty: Rescue you he will not dare, there's many dangers in my lair!

A weird troll walks slowly to the machine controls.

Grunty: Hurry Klungo, push that switch, I'm tired of being an ugly witch!

Klungo: Yesss Missstressss Grunty, it sssshould take me about sssssix hourssssss...

Grunty: Grunty canít wait that long! Might as well play ping pong!

Peach: Mario could make better rhymes than you, haggy!

Grunty: That time it was a little tough, but now prepare for the rough!

Peach: Mario, wherever you are, please stop this madness...

Meanwhile, Mario and Kazooie walk in the entrance.

Grunty: *over a microphone* There he is, the fun begins, my tricks and traps will see who wins!

Mario: Wahh! Where did that come from?

Kazooie: Umm, did I mention that she has microphones everywhere so we can hear her anytime she wants us to?

Mario: I guess weíll have to ignore that, but where do we go?

Kazooie: Beats me, I stay inside Banjoís backpack most of the time, so you are the boss.

Mario: How about that pile of rocks by the corner? I see a puzzle piece.

Kazooie: Oh! I forgot, those are called Jiggies, you have to use certain pieces to unlock levels and all that stuff.

Mario: Jiggies?

Kazooie: Jigsaws... It's how I say them...

Mario: Oh, so I need a Jigsaw for that incomplete photo. I think I want the Jigsaw on my right, near that pile of rocks.

Mario runs to the pile of rocks and grabs the Jigsaw.

Mario: I got it!

Grunty: *over microphone* That was such an easy fit, the others may just test your wit!

Mario: Anyway, let's go to the picture.

Mario goes to the photo of a mountain and puts in the missing piece, and a book called "Worlds of Gruntyís Lair" comes out.

Mario: Thatís the book? And it says this world is named Mumbo's Mountain.

Kazooie comes out from Marioís backpack.

Kazooie: Yeesh, you ask a lot of questions. Iím trying to get some sleep!

Mario: Well, you came along with me, so you will face huge amounts of questions!

Kazooie: Yeah, I guess I did decide to help you, so here, thatís Mumbo's Mountain. The only danger there is the big bull and the crazy monkey. So try to get all ten Jiggies, k?

Mario: Okay.

Mario and Kazooie run to the warp hole leading to Mumbo's Mountain, while Bowser Jr. walks in the entrance.

Bowser Jr: ha! This tower looks easy! Methinks I should take the path to the right...

Bowser Jr. does so and finds a note door with a number.

Bowser Jr: Why does this say the number 20?!

Grunty: *over microphone* You've found some Notes but you need more, to break my spell and pass this door!

Bowser Jr: Ah! Donít hurt me, magical voice!! Please, Ill do anything!

Bowser Jr. disappears into a room with Peach and Grunty.

Bowser Jr: Who are you? And whatís Mama Peach doing here?

Grunty: Canít you see little boy, Iím really quite busy, Iím trying to put Mario in a dizzy!

Bowser Jr: Hmm... Is there is any way I could help with the pounding of

Grunty: Well, you really canít help a witch, but if you wanted, press the switch!

Bowser Jr: Ooh, what do I get in return?

Grunty: I got something for turtle boys... here! A small toy!

Bowser Jr: THATíS ALL I WOULD GET?! Well, Iíll let you stay here, oh, and I will take my mama back.

Grunty: Well you can try to open her cage, but you just will get in a rage!

Bowser Jr: How about I just go and kill Mario?

Grunty: When you kill Mario you see, Iíll let Peach free.

Bowser Jr: Fine with me.

Meanwhile at Mumboís MountainÖ

Mario: Letís cross the bridge!

Mario and Kazooie Cross said bridge and meet a huge blue bull.

Bigbutt: Me hate color RED!!!

Kazooie: Aw, thatís going to be a problem, Mario!

Mario: No worries, weíll have to fight the bull then!

Kazooie: Umm, fine with me!

???: Wait right there!

An ape with a tank top jumps from out of a tree.

Conga: I want to fight too!

Mini Boss Battle!: BigButt and Conga

Bigbutt: Me have red plumber for dinner!

Conga: And bird for dessert!

Mario: Well, youíd better finish your salad!

Bigbutt: Me hate salad! You die first, plumber!

Mario runs toward the bull and jumps into the air and comes back down with a ground pound. Kazooie flies him away from Bigbutt and to Conga.

Conga: Ow! That hurt! Now you will face fruit of doom!

Conga takes an orange from his tree and throws it at Mario, but misses and hits Bigbutt.

Bigbutt: Err... Congaís fruit taste like socks! Then Bigbutt will use his horns!

Bigbutt charges his horn, which glows, and stabs Mario.

Mario: YEOW!!! Feeling... dizzy...

Kazooie: Donít fall asleep! If you do, we are going to die!

Mario: Must... stay awake...

Kazooie: (singing off-key) Baby face! You got the cutest little baby face!

Mario wakes up and finds that Conga and Bigbutt are screaming.

Kazooie: Finally! Now can we kick some butt?

Mario: Sure?

Mario jumps into the air again and ground pounds Bigbutt. Bigbutt runs away from Mario and into a wall, thus leaving behind (no pun intended) a Jiggy.

Mario: I GOT IT!

Kazooie: Thatís great! But there is one small problem... Conga is still alive!

Conga: Bah, Conga leave you alone, seeing what you did to Bigbutt. Just take the Jiggy, Conga thought you wanted my banana collection.

Conga throws a Jiggy at Mario and runs back to his tree.

Mario: All right! Now we need eight more!

Kazooie: I think there is one from that Jinjo near the small island!

Mario and Kazooie cross the bridge and jump to the small island.

Mario: Hi little feller! Do you have a Jiggy?

Jinjo: Umm... A piece, but if you get all five of us, you can get one whole!

Mario: That sounds reasonable, mind telling me where your friends are?

Jinjo: Well, you have to find us, otherwise this quest would be too easy!

Kazooie: The dumbo speaks the truth. You would be getting off too easy.

Mario: Shut up, Kazooie!

Kazooie: Just telling you, and look, Conga has a friend!

Mario: Huh?

Conga is seen throwing oranges at a chimp.

Conga: Give me my banana back!

Chimpie: But Iím so hungry...

Mario: What is wrong here?

Conga: Chimp here stole my lucky banana!

Chimpie: Well, I just want a banana! Maybe if you gave me a different banana this would solve everything!

Conga: But all of my bananas are lucky.

Mario, Kazooie, and Chimpie: ...

Conga: Canít you find another banana?

Mario: Iím sure there is another tree-

Conga: Umm... Conga owns all banana trees, but Iím sure evil shaman has a banana.

Kazooie: You mean Mumbo? That is the only guy with a banana around here. He picks banana trees daily.

Congo: What?! How could he?

Mario: Iím sure he has one then, where is he?

Chimpie: He lives near Mount Termite and he always asks people to try his new tests.

Mario: Well, letís-a go!

Kazooie: Yeah! Because everyone-a loves an accent!

Mario: itís a line from my world...

Anyway, Mario and Kazooie head up to Mumboís house, but are stopped by a totem pole.


Mario: Hi, Iím Mario, and this is my friend Kazooie, and we wanted to ask if Mumbo had a Jiggy or a banana?


Chimpie: (shouting) I told you, you have to go through a test!

Kazooie: Fine, what is the test, Mr. Tall and Proud?


9 huts come out from the ground.

Mario: How do we shoot the huts?


Kazooie: Maybe we should try to go get some eggs. I saw some near the bridge.


Mario: I wish Luigi was here, he would find them and I would give him a pat on the back for finding them.

Kazooie: Sounds like Luigi is a side character.

Mario: Well, kind of.

Meanwhile at Bowserís CastleÖ

Bowser: And so, Kamek, you say Mario tried to steal your wand?

Kamek: Oh yes, my lord, it was horrible! He threatened to beat the Koopalings if I didnít hand over my wand!

Luigi: Thatís a lie! You helped Mario get to Isle-O-Hags!

Bowser: Hmm... Jr. would normally help me decide who is guilty... Has anyone seen him?

Luigi: Kamek, mind telling what happened to Jr?

Kamek: Umm... I did transport Mario to his destination, but I transported Bowser Jr. to where Mario was going because I told him Peach was there.

Bowser: GRRRRR... Kamek... I command you to teleport me to my son!

Kamek: Y-y-yes my l-l-lord...

Kamek raises his wand and teleports Bowser to Isle-O-Hags.

Luigi: Now teleport me!

Kamek: I canít, Bowser wasted my wand power.

Luigi: Come on!

Back at Mumboís MountainÖ

Mario: I found the eggs!

Kazooie: Who would have guessed that they were under the totem pole?


Mario: Now letís shoot the huts! How do we shoot them?

Kazooie: Put the eggs in my mouth, Iíll shoot them at the huts.

Mario does so and Kazooie spits- err, shoots them at the huts and finds a Jinjo, a Jigsaw, and 10 more eggs.


Kazooie: Yes, Mr. Caps, and lower your voice, someone outside this lair could hear you!

Mario: Anyway, at least we found a Jiggy, letís go!


Mario: Thanks, Iíll try to remember that.

Mario walks to the house and sees a sleeping shaman.

Mumbo: ZZZZZZ...

Mario: WAKE UP, MR. MUMBO!!!

Mumbo: Huh? Who are you, Mr. Red?

Mario: My name is Mario, and I was wondering if you had a banana.

Mumbo: Umm... What for? Mumbo has 40 of them.

Mario: Conga is trying to hurt Chimpie because he took Congaís banana, so we need another banana.

Mumbo: Well, I guess you had to overcome Mumboís new challenge, so here you go.

Mumbo hands over a banana.

Mario: I got it!

Kazooie: Great, now letís go get the fat ape to stop trying to beat up the wimpy Chimpie.

Mario: Okay.

Mario climbs down the mountain and finds another Jiggy, a Jinjo, and 5 eggs.

Mario: This is getting easy!

Kazooie: Yeah, anyway, Conga! We got another banana for Chimpie.

Conga: Well, didnít you say Mumbo picks my bananas from my trees?

Mario: I think Kazooie did say that.

Congo: Then thatís mine too! So find another banana from another world!

Kazooie: SQAWK!!! Let me at him! Iíll give him a good beating!!!

Kazooie jumps out of the backpack and beats Conga to a bruised up pulp.

Mario: So Conga, mind giving up the banana to Chimpie? We gave you back another fruit that was hard to get.

Conga: Grr, fine. Only cuz of birdís evilness.

Conga tells Chimpie that he can keep the banana.

Chimpie: Thanks, Mario! You guys were a big help!

Mario: No problem! Glad to help a fellow Kong- err... monkey.

Chimpie: Well here, you can have my Jigsaw, I donít need it.

Mario: All right! I got it!

Kazooie: Wow, being nice does give you a reward.

???: Bwahahahaha!!! Iím back, you nincomkoops!

Bowser Jr. jumps from behind a tree.

Kazooie: Who are you, a friend of Tip-Tup?

Bowser Jr: Who? Anyway, I have come to stop you from getting to hurt my Mama Peach!

Mario: But the princess is-

Bowser Jr: Silence! I donít want to hear your lies!

Kazooie: The turtle kid has a princess for a mommy?

Bowser Jr: Yeah, Bird, what are you going to do about it?

Kazooie: I can think of seven different things...

Bowser Jr: Well anyway, see that pile of rocks over there?

Mario: The one with BigButt stuck inside? Yeah, he is a goner after what we did to him.

Bowser Jr: Hope you like this!

Bowser Jr. pulls out his wand and throws a beam of red at the rocks.

Mario: This doesnít look good...

Kazooie: I can think of five things here that donít look good.

Bowser Jr: Meet MegaButt!!!

A huge, spiked, massive, red bull comes from out the rocks.


Mario: Mamamia!

Kazooie: Thatís one b-b-big bull...

Bowser Jr: Hahaha! Now, Iíve got to go back to Grunty to save my mama!

Bowser Jr. teleports himself out of Mumboís Mountain.

MegaButt: DESTROY!!!

Mario: Letís-a go, you big doofus!

Kazooie: Why are w-w-we going to f-f-f-fight that thing? Thatís going to kill us!

Mario: If we leave it here, this world is going to be torn apart as he looks for me!

Kazooie: Well, I guess lets do this thing!

BOSS BATTLE!!!: MegaButt:

Mario: Hmm... How should I hit him? If I ground pound him, Iíll get hit by his spikes!

Kazooie: How about... his tail! You could try to hit his tail!

Mario: Hmm... Itís a little spiked, but Bowserís is too... Wait! Thatís it!

Kazooie: Yeah! What is it?

Mario: In my game Super Mario 64, I had to swing my rival by the tail into a bomb!

Kazooie: But I see no bombs, just a mountain and the lake.

Mario: Letís try to swing him into-

MegaButt rams Mario into the lake.

Mario: Lake...

Kazooie: Wow, tired?

Mario: I canít move... Too hard after that charge...

Kazooie: Well, swim away from him! Unless he hates water...

MegaButt puts his hind legs into the water and shakes from the cold, then he charges into a tree, which falls into the lake, finally making the beast able to attack on water.

Mario: Do... you see... any Mushrooms?

Kazooie: Ummm... There are some by the bridge, but-

Mario: Paddle me there, please...

Kazooie: Iíll try.

Kazooie paddles Mario halfway to the start of the bridge, but then faces the monster. Kazooie spits eggs at the bull, which starts to fall into the water, so Kazooie paddles around MegaButt and stops at the start of the bridge.

Kazooie: Why did you want to be near these ugly things?

Mario: Feed... me... one....

Kazooie: HAHAHAHA! Before we die, you want to poison yourself? Fine with me.

Kazooie takes a Mushroom and stuffs it into Marioís mouth.

Mario: Iím... feeling better!

Kazooie: Mushrooms give you power?

Mario: Yeah, now letís go stop that beast!

Mario hops onto the bridge and taunts the bull to come over to the bridge. The bull enraged and gets back onto land and tries to break the bridge.

Kazooie: Woah! This is getting hard! What do we do now?

Mario: Throw an egg at his eyes!

Kazooie shoots eggs at the bullís red eyes, blinding him for 20 seconds, so Mario and Kazooie run over to the bullís tail, which Mario starts to swing around and round.

MegaButt: GRAAGGH!!!

Mario: So long, eh bull?

Kazooie: Another line?

Mario: Yes...

Mario throws MegaButt into the lake. The enraged bull cools off, turning back into BigButt and giving up a Jiggy.

BigButt: What happened...?

Mario: We got another Jiggy!

Kazooie: Great! Now we have six Jigsaws!

Mario: Where should we find the next one?

Kazooie: How about over by the top of that mountain?

Mario: Okay.

Mario climbs up a small hill. They climb 5 pillars, finding another Jinjo. Then Mario and Kazooie climb up to the top of the mountain.

Mario: Almost there!

???: Stop right there!

A big termite is in the way of the path to the Jiggy.

Mitch: How dare you try to take the sun god?! My name is Mitch-

Kazooie: -and nobody cares, now move, short legs!

Mitch: Well, then try to break through this glass container!

Mitch takes a big glass container and puts it over the Jiggy.

Mitch: Ha! What are you going to do now?

Mario: This.

Mario ground pounds the big termite into a million pieces.

Mario: Heís a goner. So how do we break the glass?

Kazooie: Ground pounds wont work so lets try to drill it!

Mario: How?

Kazooie: With my beak!

Mario takes Kazooie out of the backpack and uses her as a drill.

Mario: All right! We did it!

Kazooie: That makes three more Jigsaws left!

Mario: Any ideas where the next Jiggy is?

Kazooie: Well, I did see a small cave near the lake, maybe there is something there!

Mario: Can I have one of your feathers?

Kazooie: No! Youíd better not try to take my precious feathers!

Mario takes a feather off of Kazooie and turns into Caped Mario.

Mario: Sorry for ignoring you, but I need to get there by flight!

Kazooie: Iím... going to kill... you... someday...

Mario: Letís go!

Mario takes off into the air and flies into the cave near the mountain.

Mario: Here it is! I see a Jiggy at the end!

Mario grabs the Jiggy, but the exit closes due to a switch.

Kazooie: Great. A switch... We need to find something heavy...

Mario: I donít see any rocks... just pebbles and dirt.

Kazooie: That gives me an idea!

Mario: What?

Kazooie: We could put the pebbles on the switch and then put all the dirt on it!

Mario does so and the switch sinks back down and thus makes the door reopen.

Mario: It worked!

Kazooie: Of course it worked, Iím a genius!

Mario: Yeah... sure you are. Anyway, where is the next one?

Kazooie: Maybe itís near that Jinjo!

Mario: The last Jinjo! There it is!

Mario runs to the cliff to meet the Jinjo.

Jinjo: Great work, Mario! You found all five of us! Here is your reward!

The Jinjos give Mario a Jiggy.

Mario: I got it!

Kazooie: Great, but where is that final Jiggy?

Mario: Beats me, but we might as well get something as a souvenir. I want to show something to my friends back home. How about those notes that I have been seeing?

Kazooie: Wait! You need a bunch of Notes for doors!

Mario: Huh?

Kazooie: Inside Gruntyís lair, there are many Note Doors. The first one needs 20 Notes to open her Note Door!

Mario: So itís like obtaining Power Stars for doors?

Kazooie: I played Mario 64, and yes, like that.

Mario: Well, itís a good thing I have been picking up all those Notes. Iíve got 94 of them. Do I need more?

Kazooie: Well, if you want to complete this world perfectly, then yes.

Mario: I see five Notes over by Congaís tree, but where is the last one?

Kazooie: I think itís on Mumboís hut.

Mario picks up the 5 Notes and then finds out that a Jiggy is on the top of Mumboís hut as well as the last Note.

Mario: I got the last Note and the last Jiggy!

Kazooie: Great! Now letís get out of here!

Mario and Kazooie jump to the exit portal to Gruntyís Lair.

Mario: We did it! Now letís go to the next part of the lair!

And so, our friends have completed Mumboís Mountain and are ready to move on to the next level. What dangers await Mario and Kazooie? What happened to Bowser as he teleported to Isle-O-Hags? And will Mario succeed in rescuing Peach? Find out when Mario heads to his next challenge...

Chapter  2: The Seaside Grove Mystery...

Mario and Kazooie walk to the Nnote Door, which opens just as Mario holds out the Notes in front of it

Bob Da Note Door: Thanks, but beware, my other Note Door buddies will want more than that...

Kazooie: Well, they are greedy then, Ďcause I would beat them to a pulp!

Bob Da Note Door: Well, canít say I donít agree with that. Anyway, you might have to solve more complex riddles...

Mario: Okay, now, letís go!

Mario and Kazooie head into the door and come into another room with a floor that looks like Gruntyís face.

Kazooie: Wow, Grunty has her floor as a picture of her face?

Mario: She must really love herself to do this, unless...

Mario goes to the eye of the floor and ground pounds it, then a Jiggy comes out.

Mario: I got it!

Kazooie: Nice. I forgot to tell you, but there are ten hidden Jiggies in Gruntyís lair, not including the world portals.

Mario: Iím going to ground pound the other eye!

Mario does so and gets shocked.

Kazooie: HAHAHAHA!

Mario: Mamamia...

Kazooie: Look! To the right of the floor! A picture of another map, and this one needs three Jiggies!

Mario: We have ten so far, and it might be hard keeping track of this, but Iíll try!

Mario and Kazooie run over to the picture and put in the 3 Jiggies, then a book with a Jiggy on the front comes out of the picture.

Mario: Another book?

Kazooie: Itís a journal of your Jiggies, it will help you keep track of all the Jiggies you have found, and maybe if you are lucky-

A bag with a note on it comes out of the book.

Mario: Let me guess, this is a Note holder, for the Notes that I find?

Kazooie: Yep, I told you, you would have to keep them somewhere. Not everything can fit into your pockets, duuuuh!

Mario: >=  Anyway, letís go up the stairs and into the portal!

Meanwhile... at the top of Gruntyís tower, Bowser falls from the sky.

Bowser: Oof! Grrr, where am I?! And what am I doing here?!

Bowser spots an elevator leading down into Gruntyís lair.

Bowser: Maaaaybe... if I go down here, I might find the owner... and then takeover! Muhahaha!

Bowser jumps into the elevator and finds Bowser Jr. and Peach inside a cage.


Grunty: Well, I need to kill Mario and Kazooie you see-

Bowser: I see things happening here with my son, so youíd better let him go!

Grunty: Well he failed to kill Mario when I sent the little fool, so I will dip him into lava! From inside a pool...

Bowser: Thatís where I come in and I stop you, and whatís this deal with Mario? I could easily kill him if he was here right now! So let my son go!

Grunty: Fine with me if you are so mad, you have him, but I guess you donít want HER that bad!

Grunty points at Peach.

Bowser: Thanks for reminding me! Iíll take her as well!

Grunty: Hmm... I would like someone prettier than her, so how about finding someone else? Nerr...

Bowser: Good rhyme...

Grunty: It is hard rhyming, okay?! So if you donít let me think over it, you will pay!

Bowser: Silence! Now, why do you want the princess that bad?

Grunty: Well... I have to put her in a cage, what a pity, so Iíll make her really "pretty!"

Bowser: Now that, I will permit! Iíll help put Mario in a pit- GRAGGH! Iím rhyming too!

Grunty: You get used to the rhymes, for now, go! Donít waste time!

Bowser: Mind telling me where Mario is, haggy?

Grunty: Grunty is no haggy, you, so go to the Treasure Trove Cove portal, and take your son too!

Bowser: Fine, Junior! Letís go get Mario and beat him to a bloody pulp!

Meanwhile by a big treasure box large enough to fit a whale in...

Mario: Where is the portal?

Kazooie: I think we have to go inside the chest. Ready?

Mario: Yep, le-

Kazooie: Letís-a go, I know the line, go already!

Mario: Meanie.

Mario and Kazooie jump into the chest and are warped to a beach-like world, Treasure Trove Cove .Mario and Kazooie get warped onto a dock and find 4 Notes around them

Mario: Wow! This place seems cooler than the last one!

Kazooie: Well itís guaranteed to be harder than the mountain world. So we have two choices, go left or straight. Which one, red hat?

Mario: Left.

Mario and Kazooie go left and meet a HUGE hermit crab

Herby: Gragggh... Me Herby...Me comssssume meat...

Mario: I think he wants to eat us, Kazooie!

Kazooie: What was your clue?! The bib with a picture of a red bird on it, or the fork and knife?!

Herby: Silencesss... My meat sssshould not talk, it should be COMSUMED!

Mini Boss Battle!: Herby The Hermit crab

Herby: Graggh... Why try and eat moving meat?

Mario: ĎCause we donít taste good?

Herby: ĎCause my minionsss will take care of that!

Herby spits out 3 crabs and send them at Mario and Kazooie.

Crab1: Hey! I have a name, itís Jeff! And prepare for battle!

Jeff rushes at Mario and tries to pinch him, but Kazooie flies Mario away and lets him ground pound Jeff.

Jeff: YEOW!!!

Jeff disappears somehow...

Robert: Grrr... Destroy my bro? YOU MUST DIE!!!

Robert jumps up and hits Mario on the head.

Mario: Ouch!

Kazooie: Come on, Mario! Beat his butt- err, shell!

Mario grabs Kazooie and uses her like a drill and drills Robertís fac- err, shell in.

Robert: YEOW!!!

Robert disappears...

Harold: *high voice* My turn, I wonít lose!

Harold runs around like a wild monkey, but Mario grabs onto his shell and throws it at a wall.

Harold: *deep voice* OWIE!!!

Harold disappears..

Herby: Graggh! You idiotssss defeated by sonnsss...

Kazooie: Creepy...

Herby: Well then, I can sssssee that you are a match for me. Well then...

Herby pulls out two rockets from his shell and flies off...

Mini Boss battle!: Called off...

Kazooie: He left, and I wanted to beat him up!

Mario: Look! He left a Jiggy!

Mario goes to Herbyís spot and takes the Jiggy.

Mario: Wahoo!

Kazooie: Great job, Mario! Now we need to go find more!

Mario and Kazooie leave Herbyís beach and go to the original straight path and find 6 Notes and a ship.

Kazooie: What is this place?

Mario: I donít know, but look over there, a pirate!

They jump on the ship and find a crying pirate.

Captain Blubber: Wahhh! I l-lost me lucky gold!

Mario: Ouch, sorry Mr. Blubbering Pirate, anything we can do to help?

Captain Blubber: W-well, you guys could go down this hatch and try to get the two pieces-o-gold.

Mario: We can do that.

Kazooie: I DONíT SWIM, fatso, never ever!

Mario: Nowís the perfect time to learn!

Mario jumps into the hatch and finds one gold bar.

Mario: That was easy! Where is the other...?

Kazooie: Awwwk! Ya got me wet!

Mario: Well ignoring that, I see the other one! In the barrel underwater.

Kazooie: Again?! Thatís it, Iíll be outside with Cries-A-Lot!

Mario jumps into the water and gets the other gold bar.

Captain Blubber: Ha-hey! Thank you, kind sir! How could I ever repay you?

Mario: Well, I guess you could get this ship to move around someday?

Captain Blubber: Great idea! For now, take this thing I found inside an odd shell cave.

Captain Blubber gives Mario a Jiggy.

Mario: Wahoo!

Kazooie: Great! Now letís explore some more!

Mario and Kazooie look around the whole world and find 35 Notes, 1 more Jiggy, and 2 Jinjos.

Mario: Man, finding these Jiggy pieces are hard! Letís take a break!

Kazooie: About time!

Mario and Kazooie go to a nearby beach by a sand castle and swim around in the water until...

Mario: I feel a disturbance...

Kazooie: And what could th-

A HUGE shark bites Mario on the buttocks.

Mario: OW!

???: Snapper found new fish, Snapper will record this type of fish in his log...

Mario: Who are you?

Snapper: Snapperís name is Snapper, also, Snapper talks in third person and says a lot of think bubbles. Snapper will feast greatly tonight!

Kazooie: Look, you big sushi bite, leave us alone or feel our WRATH!!! And by that I mean Marioís wrath as I sit back!

Snapper: Snapper gets chicken? Snapper will soon turn fat after his great dine! Snapper must record this chicken in the log!

Mario: Well then, letís fight!

Mini Boss Battle!: Snapper-The-Shark

Snapper: Feel Snapperís power!

Snapper swims around in a circle and makes a whirlpool.

Mario: Itís sucking us in!

Kazooie: Why donít you find a fly panel?

Mario: There is a panel over there!

Mario power jumps to the panel and Kazooie spreads her wings out and flies around the beach.

Mario: Can you shoot eggs into the water?

Kazooie: Well I guess you can try.

Mario lets Kazooie spit eggs at Snapper, and hits him 3 times.

Snapper: Grrrr... Snapper must try harder to kill flying fish! GOT TO STOP TALKING LIKE THIS!!!

Snapper jumps out of the water and tries to bite Mario.

Kazooie: Geeze, he really wants to kill us!

Mario: Well then, GROUND SMASH!!!

Mario ground pounds Snapper on the nose, which affects his whirlpool and nearly kills him

Snapper: This is harder than Snapper thought! Here, take this as a token, Snapper will be back... Iíd better find something else to eat

Snapper spits a Jiggy at Mario.

Mario: I got it!

Kazooie: Letís go find some more!

Mario and Kazooie search around the island and find 30 Notes, a Jiggy, and a sand castle...

Mario: Hmm... What is this place?

Kazooie: An odd sand castle apparently. Anyway, letís see... There sure are a lot of letters on the ground-

A clock comes out of nowhere.

Conkey the Clock: Hi there! I am Conkey, I come out of nowhere when there is a timed challenge!

Kazooie: You creep!

Conkey: Well then, for being mean, you get 1:00 to spell my name!

Mario: Okay!

Mario finds some letters on the ground, picks them up, and spells Conkey in 16.723 seconds.

Mario: Done!

Conkey: That was fast!

Mario: I looked at the text above and got the letters!

Conkey: What?! Awww, come on!

Conkey disappears and a Jiggy comes out of the ground.

Mario: Wahoo!

Kazooie: Great! We have half of the Jiggies in this world!

Mario: Letís go find some more!

Mario and Kazooie search around some MORE and find 2 Jiggies, 24 Notes, and all of the remaining Jinjo, getting another Jiggy. They climb up an island tip and find a lighthouse...

Mario: Hmm... Whatís inside this house?

Kazooie: Letís find out, plumber!

They climb up the ladder on the side and reach the top of the world.

Mario: See anything up here, Kazooie?

Kazooie: Yeah... a huge turtle falling from the sky!

Bowser and Bowser Jr. land on the lighthouse.

Bowser Thought youíd seen the last of me, did you?

Mario: Kind of, we are in another world...

Bowser Jr: Well then, I canít believe you beat MegaButt!

Bowser: So face the wrath of a crab so powerful that he will beat the Mushrooms out of you!

Bowser snaps his claws and Herby comes out of nowhere with his rockets.

Herby: Thought you have ssssssseeen  the lassssst of me, have you?

Mario: Herby!

Bowser: The new general in my army, after his modification!

Bowser and Bowser Jr. pull out their wands and wave it at Herby, who transforms into an island-sized army Koopa crab.

Bowser: Meet Godara!

Mario: Grr... That wonít stop me from saving Peach! Letís fight!

BOSS BATTLE!!!: Godara-the-Destructor-Too awesome of a name?

Godara: Graaggggggh! Desssssstrrroooy Plumber!

Godara opens up his claws and a gun comes out.

Mario: Yikes!

Kazooie: Quick, find a feather panel!

Godara tries to shoot Mario with a cannon, but Mario avoids the blast and quickly finds a panel and flies around the god-like Koopa.

Mario: See any weak spots, Kazooie?

Kazooie: Five on his shell, one on his beak. Hit them with eggs?

Mario: Nah, it might not work with eggs. Shall we try to hit them with a ground pound?

Kazooie: Sure! But while we are flying around, I thought I might tell you a trick with me!

Mario: And it isÖ?

Kazooie: It might hurt you a little, but if you let me put down my beak on impact, it might be very devastating!

Mario: Okay, letís give it a shot!

Mario flies around to the right side of Godara and Beak Smashes him, causing his shell to crack.

Godara: Yeow!

Godara gets mad and shoots 5 cannons in a row. One shot hits Kazooieís wing.

Kazooie: Ouch! I canít fly anymore...

Mario: Thatís okay, Iím going to need a feather though.

Kazooie: Good gravy! Another? Fine...

Kazooie plucks a feather from herself and lets Mario become Caped Mario.

Mario: Letís-a go!

Mario hits 4 of the other spots and has to hit the final spot, but Godara puts a shell on his nose

Mario: Curses! Thatís going to be hard to open...

Kazooie: Well, letís find another power-up like in that Megabutt fight!

Kazooie jumps out of the backpack and finds a MegaShroom.

Kazooie: Try this!

Mario eats it and grows to be the size of a plane.

Mario: Yahoo! Letís kick his butt!

Mario flies around Godara and finally smashes his shell and his beak

Godara: Noooooo!!!

Godara turns back into Herby and spits out a Jiggy.

Bowser: Curses!!! How dare you? Come on, Junior, letís run!

Bowser and Bowser Jr. teleport away and leave another Jiggy.

Mario: Yahoo! Another Jiggy! Thatís the last of them!

Kazooie: Impressive. We have 99 Notes, itís okay if we leave one, I suppose.

Mario: Letís get out of this place.

Kazooie: But what about Snapper? He might challenge us again, and Iíll be there to kick his tail!

Mario: Letís try not to be greedy, we need to quickly save the princess!

And so, Mario escapes from this world, beats all the other ones and kills Grunty, and Princess Peach has been saved. The end-Wait, what? Thatís a horrible way to end! Donít think this is truly the end, until next chapter...

Chapter 3: Clankerís Cavern Catastrophe

Mario: Where do we go next? All I see is a big pipe and a big monster porthole...

Kazooie: We need to go back to the other floor of Gruntyís face. It has a secret puzzle picture somewhere.

Mario and Kazooie go back to the Grunty floor.

Mario: See anything?

Kazooie: Yeah, itís way up there in the wall. We could try to find a jump panel. Itís a green panel with chicken legs on it

Mario: I see the panel, letís try it out!

Mario steps on the panel and jumps extra high to a picture of a factory.

Mario: This one needs four Jiggies. Letís put them in!

Mario puts in the Jiggies and it makes an odd sound somewhere...

Mario: Next, do we go back to the porthole?

Kazooie: Yep!

Mario and Kazooie go back to the porthole to warp to their next land.

Meanwhile on PlitÖ

Kamek: Hmmm... Watching Mario beat everything from my magic crystal is no fun. Bowser is going to need more help! Koopalings!

All of the Koopaling come to Kamekís room

Kamek: I called you all for a reason. Bowser and Junior went to another world to rescue Peach, but Mario is in the way. So they will need a little more help with this problem. Are you guys ready to go to Isle-O-Hags?

Ludwig: Well, I need to get my best weapons.

Wendy: Canít go anywhere without makeup!

Lemmy: Or my special ball!

Roy: Or my punch- Oh wait, he will be with me!

Iggy: HEY!

Kamek: You know what? Iím sending you there now.

Kamek teleports the Koopalings to Gruntyís lair, and they land on the top just like Bowser did

Larry: This place seems odd, no plant-life is around... how sad...

Lemmy: Larry, honestly? This story is going to go on my website and you are going to talk about plants? People donít read about that!

Larry: Not unless they are Larry lovers!

Roy conks Lemmy and Larryís heads together .

Roy: Stop with the stupid argument!

Ludwig: Well, look over there, an elevator leading downwards! Letís see if Pop is there!

The Koopalings go down the elevator and see Bowser, Bowser Jr, and Peach in a cage.

Iggy and Lemmy: Dad!

Larry: Peach?

Wendy: Moi?

Ludwig: Why are you stuck in there, Dad? Am I to predict that a rhyming witch stuck you in there for losing to Mario?

Bowser: Yea, how did you guess so accurately?

Ludwig: Well thereís a sign that reads "Do not touch cage, these Mario losers got me in a rage! -Gruntilda the witch"

Bowser: -_-í

Roy: Grrr... Nobody does that to Pop and gets away with it! Now where is she?

Grunty: Right behind your backs in case of an attack!

All the Koopalings scream in unison.

Grunty: Now, more Koopa boys? I have no time to play with such toys.

Morton: Wow, she talks funny, and thatís coming from me! Usually I speak a lot-

Wendy: Shaddup, Morton!

Grunty: Well, if you guys are different from your dad, pull the switch of my machine...and I will give you something you never had!

Larry: The gift of rhyming speech?

Grunty: Grraggh! You are more annoying than paying the bill! How about you guys go to Mario, and him, you will kill!

Lemmy: Umm... Okay, which one of us should go first?

Grunty: The next world he is at, is a robotic world at that!

Ludwig: That world is calling for me! I will go there.

Grunty teleports Ludwig to Clankerís Cavern.


Mario: Here we are! This world seems robotic, like it was created by a Koopaling named Ludwig in my world.

Kazooie: Nice name, very smart-sounding.

Mario: Letís jump to the next pipe, I see three Notes in it.

Mario does so and gets 3 Notes.

Mario: Look! A path lined with Notes and 2 Jinjos, and on the other side, a trophy of a bear?

Kazooie: Those trophies are extra lives in the Banjo and Kazooie games, here, they are bonuses as a sidequest.

Mario: Cool! Iíll go get the trophy and come back to the Notes.

Mario jumps to the trophy and grabs it. He soon jumps back and collects 7 notes and the 2 Jinjos, stopping at a huge water hole.

Mario: Do we go through the big hole?

Kazooie: If you noticed, this is a small world right here, but on the other side, itís bigger.

Mario: Okay!

Mario and Kazooie go through the waterhole and collect 10 Notes and see a bigger part of the world along with a huge shark.

Mario: Oh no! Another shark!

Clanker: Grrr... People have come to visit Clanker the metal trash collector? Clanker is happy!

Mario: Huh?

Kazooie: Whoops, in this world half of the world is inside Clankerís belly, so he might as well be a good guy, after the way Grunty treats him.

Clanker: Yes... Clanker hates Grunty, making him collect trash all year long, but anyways... Clanker has a chain on his tail, making him breathe this scum water...

Mario: What if we went down in the water and broke the chain?

Clanker: I would appreciate that, Iíll give you access to my stomach and a couple of Jiggies are in there too...

Mario and Kazooie go underwater and go down to the bottom, collecting 15 Notes. They see a big key in the lock.

Mario: I canít really stand the water here...

Kazooie: We have about a minute to unlock this lock.

Mario goes around the key in its loop 5 times, unlocking it in 43 seconds.

Kazooie: Weíve got to go back up... Iím dieing in this water- *cough cough!*

Mario swims back up to the surface and finds a Jinjo. Soon they see Clanker on the surface of the water.

Clanker: Thanks... I feel much better breathing less foul air!

Kazooie: Cool, do you have anything for us?

Clanker: Yes... a Jiggy for the plumber!

Clanker spits out a Jiggy.

Mario: I got it!

Clanker: Yeah, here, I have a blowhole leading into my stomach.

Kazooie: I suppose it is better than being munched...

Mario and Kazooie go down the blowhole and find 15 more Notes while hopping onto Clanker.

Mario: Eeeeew! Man, it is disgusting in here!

Kazooie: Yeah, look! On his tonsil is a Jiggy- Okay, that is plain gross!

Mario: See any blue fly panels?

Kazooie: Yeah, over there.

Mario jumps to the left and finds 10 Notes and the fly panel. They fly around the whole stomach, finding 25 Notes in the air and grabbing the Jiggy off the tonsil.

Kazooie: Great, we need 8 more Jiggies and 25 more Notes!

Mario: Yeah, letís go down the small hole over inside the belly water.

Mario and Kazooie go down the small hole and see a huge pair of fans guarding a gold feather and 2 Jiggies.

Mario: It seems hard to run through the razor fans.

Kazooie: Well they have three blades, so when they pass by we will go through the small space that they will leave. So letís try!

Mario runs through the small spaces and only gets his cap cut.

Mario: Aw, my cap!

Kazooie: Hmm, the hat is scratched on the side, so Iíll cover it with my feathers!

Kazooie gives Mario 3 feathers and Mario uses one as a cape, while the other 2 are on the sides, turning him into... Winged Caped Mario!

Mario: Yahoo! Letís-a go!

Mario grabs the gold feather and the 2 Jiggies and runs in a straight line into another part of Clanker

Mario: This place is creeping me out, I think we are in the lower belly system.

Kazooie: Look! Some disgusting creatures! They look like the ones we fought at Treasure Trove!

Mutant Crab1: uunngh... We are stuck in here guarding an odd puzzle, so we must kill you, Mario!

Mario: How did you know my name?

Mutant Crab2: Grunty the great one told us...

Kazooie: Donít worry, Mario, with your new power up, Iím sure you could beat these guys in a flash!

Mini Boss Battle?: The Mutant Crab Brothers

Mutant Crab1: Take this, Mario. Brother! Letís double power!

Mario: Huh?

The mutant crabs form together and become a huge lobster.

Lenny: Gwa ha ha! Time for some real fighting!

Mini Boss Battle!: Lenny the Mutated Lobster

Mario: Hmm... He seems like the boss here, but Iíll show him!

Mario jumps up in the air and ground pounds Lennyís back, but Lenny takes no damage .

Lenny: Nice try, plumber, but take this claw grip!

Lenny grabs Mario and pinches him on the nose, hurting him slightly.

Mario: Yeow! That hurt!

Kazooie: As if your nose isnít big enough!

Mario: Grr... Hey Lenny! Watch this!

Mario jumps up in the air again and Beak Smashes Lenny, cracking Lennyís shell.


Lenny jumps into Clankerís belly water and finds more shells.

Lenny: Try to smash me now!

Kazooie: Mario! Here is a weird-looking Mushroom! Take it!

Kazooie gives Mario a Star Shroom, turning Mario invincible for a moment.

Mario: Lennyís going to pay now while Iím super!

Mario jumps into the air again and Beak Smashes Lenny on the head.

Lenny: NOOOOO!!!

Lenny disappears and gives up 2 Jiggies, one from the crabs and one from the mutation.

Mario: Wahoo!

Kazooie: Great! Iím starting to like traveling with ya, Mario! Unlike my friend Banjo, who goes out and steals picnic baskets...

Mario: Okay, so now I have 6 Jiggies, still 75 notes, and 3 Jinjo people things.

Kazooie: Okay, I see the end of the stomach, we can get out now!

Mario goes through Clankerís gills, collecting 15 Notes and another Jinjo.

Mario: Now where to?

Kazooie: Not much else we can go through now. Letís find that last those Notes and the other Jinjo.

Mario: I see a small pipe up on the top floor. It looks like a path.

Kazooie: Well then, Mr. Winged Caped Dude, you fly up there this time, not me!

Mario flies onto the pipe, collecting 6 Notes and the last Jinjo, getting another Jiggy.

Kazooie: Yes! We are almost done with the level!

Mario: I see a Jiggy at the end, guarded by an odd crab.

Kazooie: Okay, letís go kill that crab!

Crab: You can have it if you want! I wanna go home!

The crab jumps off into the muddy water and swims away.

Kazooie: I guess all enemies arenít trying to kill us.

Mario grabs the Jiggy.

Mario: Woohoo!

Kazooie: Letís go look for the others- Oh wait, thatís odd, we havenít fought the boss yet!

Mario: But wasnít the lobster guy the boss?

Kazooie: Trust me, that was too short of a boss fight.

???: Perhaps you are looking for me?

Mario: I recognize that Koopa! Itís-

Ludwig: Ludwig Von Koopa! With two Jiggies for you!

Mario: Really?

Ludwig: No, not really! Come and get some!

Ludwig presses a button and a huge robot called The Ludwigonator comes out of nowhere
Mario: Holy-

Kazooie: Mario!

Mario: Shrooms!

Ludwig: I see you have taken a liking to it! Then letís fight!


Ludwig: Fire Missile Pod 1-3!

3 missiles come out of the robot aimed at Mario. They all miss, but they hit the pipe, which lets out steam, and they fall on Clanker

Clanker: Please donít get rowdy on me! I canít really fight back...

Ludwig: Curses! Letís see the manual here, what does this button do? Oh yeah! Send out the Koopa lasers!

Small lasers swarm Ludwig, protecting him from any punches.

Kazooie: This Koopaling seems hard to kill.

Mario: Well-

Ludwig: Ah yes! Here is the other missiles, 4-10!

More missiles come at Mario. One hits Marioís cape, bouncing back at the robot. Another one hits Mario cap, turning him into Caped Mario.

Ludwigonator: DAMAGE PERCENT: 24/100

Ludwig: Curses! Got to not do that again! Letís see... ah yes, the minions!

The robot sends out Koopas to kill Mario.

Mario: Kazooie, quick! Letís Beak Smash them!

Mario Beak Smashes the Koopas, sending them away from the battle and into the water.

Ludwig: Grr... Time for a new weapon, SHOOP DA WHOOP LAZOR!

The robotís mouth opens to reveal a cannon ready to fire at Mario.

Mario: Kazooie, get out of the backpack and find any kind of Mushroom you can!

Kazooie: Okay!

Kazooie jumps out of the backpack and tries to find a Mushroom while the SHOOP DA WHOOP LAZOR is hitting Mario.

Mario: Grr- I ha-ate-you tube video lasers...

Kazooie: Here Mario, eat this!

Mario eats a Mini Shroom and turns small.

Mini Mario: What do I do now, Kazooie?!

Kazooie: Enter the robot and kill its power source!

Mario runs into the robotís small exhaust pipe and finds two big batteries.

Mario: Well here goes nothing!

Mario ground pounds one of the batteries and nearly breaks the other. Either way, they no longer work.


Ludwig: Jelly roll? Thatís pretty harsh. I am going to have to fight on my feet!

Ludwig jumps out of the machine and tries to run at Mario, but slips on trash and falls on his behind.

Ludwig: Owie! But I will still fight you-

Ludwig slips again and falls into the water. He comes back up.

Ludwig: Iím getting bruised... but I-

Ludwig falls yet again and lands on his stomach.

Kazooie: He sure has a lot of fighting spirit to keep on going.

Ludwig: Oh yeah? Well then take this-

Ludwig falls AGAIN and hurts himself.

Ludwig: It hurts to be a bad guy! Graaaggh!

Mario: Why donít you help us for a while? I know you want to save Peach and your dad, so it would be a big help!

Kazooie: Mario, think about what you are saying...

Ludwig: I see it as a good idea. Either way, I want to hurt that annoying rhyming witch, so sure, Iíll help for now!

NEW FRIEND ADDED!: Ludwig the Koopaling

Mario: Oh yeah, can we have those Jiggies you were holding onto?

Ludwig: Sure, here you go!

Ludwig forks over the last two Jiggies.

Mario: Yes! We collected all the Jiggies! Now we might need four more Notes!

Ludwig: I found some while I was building my robot, so here you go. I found three Notes.

Kazooie: Cool, so we have 99 Notes, all the Jiggies, and a new pal. Now letís go to the next level!

Ludwig: Be careful, Mario, the next world I heard about was all swampy. I think Grunty is going to put Iggy in charge.

Mario: Thanks for the heads up! Letís get out of here!

And so, another chapter in this story passes by. Mario is making more friends. As he collects more Notes and Jiggies, they will soon reach the end. For now, consider this the end: Mario gives up on peach, Kazooie visits the world of Plit, and Ludwig stays as Marioís sidekick forever. At least if you want to believe that ending. For now, prepare for yet another fun and exciting chapter of Mario and Kazooie! The next chapter should "swamp" Lemmyís Land with readers!

Read on!

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