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Welcome to Lemmy’s Land! No passports are required. I am Lemmy Koopa, owner of this Land. As the fun-loving Koopaling, I only allow fun things to get into my Land. I love to read stories, especially about me and my brothers and sister. Therefore, my Land specializes in "Fun" Fiction stories. Between 43 different and unique sections, you should find plenty of things to do. Come in and feel free to enjoy yourself, but remember: having fun is a strictly enforced rule in Lemmy’s Land! Please jump in and immerse yourself in the fun!
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Latest Fight: Millenium Star vs Baby Bowser
Vote Now For: Shadow Mario vs Cortez
Last Chance for Bracket: Ludwig vs Axem Rangers

/Most Recent Update: June 23:
- Roy's Sports Hall: Millenium Star vs Baby Bowser
- Lemmy's Captions: Yes!
- Lemmy's Fun Fiction: Legend of the Millennium (continued), The Crystal Keepers (finished)
- Lemmy's Interviews: CONRAD interviews POM POM
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/Warning: Lemmy's Land is constantly under construction. Watch out for ditches and bulldozers. Do not disturb any hard-working construction Troopas. Or the lazy ones either.

/Lemmy's Land is now  years old! Nothing unlucky about that, I think it's a great number! Thank you for helping me keep this site going for so long, for it is your submissions and enthusiasm that has allowed me to do so. Please support Lemmy's Land, the place where Mario's enemies still rule, for another great year.

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New visitors are encouraged to visit Morton's Basics first and
Little Lemmy's Land second before venturing off on their own.

Guests from The Site Fights will probably want to take special interest in Lemmy's Spirit Page.

If you're from the RE League, you'll be looking for the White Ice Castle Gym.

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