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This info on the three Mario cartoon series was submitted by Hip.

Super Mario Bros. Super Show

This was made for the 1989-90 season and each episode consisted of two 5-minute live action segments and one 12-minute cartoon. There were 52 episodes produced and they would air from Monday to Thursday, and the Zelda cartoon aired on Friday.

The live action segments aired before and after the cartoon. It had two guys dressed up as Mario and Luigi and they hung out at their plumbing store. Weird people often showed up and the Brothers would help them with their problems. Magic Johnson appeared in the mirror twice, for instance. It was really weird, but quite funny actually.

The cartoon starred Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad. It took place in the Mushroom Kingdom but was made up of smaller, individual lands. Many episodes took place in a certain land but some took place nowhere in particular. Villains included King Koopa and the bosses of Super Mario Bros. 2 other than Wart. A mixture of enemies from Mario Bros. 1 and 2 appeared. Sometimes other characters appeared that were made up for the show. Real classic rock songs were played once per episode. Mario and Luigi could get fire power but I can't remember if they could get invincible.

The Bird! The Bird!
King Mario Of Cramalot
Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid
Mario's Magic Carpet
Rolling Down The River
The Great Gladiator Gig
Mario and the Beanstalk
Love 'Em and Leave 'Em
The Great BMX Race
Stars in Their Eyes
Jungle Fever
Brooklyn Bound
Toad Warriors
The Fire Of Hercufleas
Count Koopula
Pirates of Koopa
Two Plumbers and a Baby
The Adventures of Sherlock Mario
Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa...?
The Pied Koopa
On Her Majesty's Sewer Service
Mario and Joliet
Too Hot to Handle
Hooded Mario and his Robin Men
20,000 Koopas Under the Sea
Mighty McMario and the Pot of Gold
Mario Meets Koop-Zilla
Koopa Klaus
Mario and the Red Baron Koopa
The Unzappables
Bad Rap
The Mark of Zero
The Ten Koopmandments
The Koopas Are Coming! The Koopas Are Coming!
The Trojan Koopa
Quest for Pizza
The Great Gold Coin Rush
Elvis Lives
Plumber's Academy
Karate Koopa
Mario of the Apes
Princess, I Shrunk the Mario Brothers
Little Red Riding Princess
The Provolone Ranger
Escape From Koopatraz
Mario of the Deep
Flatbush Koopa
Raiders of the Lost Mushroom
Crocodile Mario
Star Koopa
Robo Koopa

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

This was made for the 1990-91 season. 26 11-minute episodes were made and two episodes were shown together at a time to make up a half hour episode and was shown every Saturday. It originally aired with Captain N and made the show an hour long. One Mario episode aired before Captain N and another aired after.

The cartoon starred Mario, Luigi, Princess, and Toad. Villains included King Koopa and the Koopa Kids. The Koopa Kids had different names than in the games. Most of the enemies from the game made an appearance at some point in the show. The show actually took place in the Mushroom World and the eight different lands, which looked a lot like the game. Mario, Luigi and Toad lived at Toad's mushroom house and Princess lived in a castle. Grass Land was usually called the Mushroom Kingdom, which is where they lived. King Koopa and his kids lived in Castle Koopa in Dark Land. In different episodes they sometimes traveled to certain lands or even went to the Real World, something they never did in the other series. Mario, Luigi, Princess, and Toad were all capable of getting raccoon power, Frog Suits, fire power, and Kuribo's Shoe. They even used P Wings in one episode. Tanooki Suits and Hammer Bros. Suits were never used though. Most episodes had original songs while a few had real ones. Warp pipes were used a lot on the show as well as the doomship and the Koopas' wands.

ShotNtheDark explains why the Koopalings had different names: The SMB3 cartoons were made before SMB3 was released in the US. DIC only had access to the Japanese game and its artwork bundle. Since the Koopa Kids were not named in the Japanese version and Bowser was simply called "Koopa", they added made-up names and personalty to them. DIC was still working on the SMB3 cartoons when eventually SMB3 hit the stores in that Feb. Although they decided not to re-change the names to avoid confusion, they borrowed some names from the American version. This is why later in the episodes you heard "Kooky von koopa" and occasionally King Koopa being referred to as "Bowser".

Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas
Reptiles in the Rose Garden
Mind Your Mummy Mommy, Mario
The Beauty of Kootie
Princess Toadstool for President
Never Koop a Koopa
Reign Storm
Toddler Terrors of Time Travel
Tag Team Trouble
Oh, Brother!
Misadventure of Mighty Plumber
Misadventures in Babysitting
A Toadally Magical Adventure
Do the Koopa
Kootie Pie Rocks
The Ugly Mermaid
Up, Up, and a Koopa
7 Continents For 7 Koopas
Crimes R Us
Life's Ruff
True Colors
Recycled Koopa
The Venice Menace
Super Koopa

Super Mario World

13 11-minute episodes were produced. It was made for the 1991-92 season. The show aired along with an 11-minute episode of Captain N. So Captain N got cut in half as well as the number of Mario cartoons so NBC could air another series on Saturday mornings. I believe Mario aired before Captain N.

This show's format was similar to Mario 3's. It had the same characters except that Toad was out and in were Yoshi and the caveboy Oogtar. Infact, all the Mushroom Folk of the previous two shows were gone in order to stay true to the game. It took place in Dinosaur Land so they used cave people. Mario and friends lived in the Dome City, which is part of Yoshi's Island. Koopa and his kids lived in the Neon Castle. While the Koopas seemed civilized, the cave people were living in the stone age. It did feature Mario World enemies and items like the Feather, Fire Flower, Starman, and the new P Balloon. Like Mario 3 the episodes have their own original songs.

Fire Sale
The Wheel Thing
Send in the Clown
Ghosts 'R' Us
The Night Before Cave Christmas
King Scoopa Koopa
Born to Ride
Party Line
Gopher Bash
Rock TV
The Yoshi Shuffle
A Little Learning
Mama Luigi


After Super Mario World, no more cartoons were produced because NBC dropped their cartoon line-up and it was too late for other networks to pick them up as they already had different schedules.

The Super Show was shown on various networks in syndication. Mario 3 and World were shown on Saturday mornings on NBC along with Captain N. They where shown at 8:30 in the morning. They were titled Captain N and the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, and Captain N and the New Super Mario World. In Canada they played Mario 3/World at the exact same time as NBC on Global. Global also replayed just the Mario episodes without Captain N at 4:30 in the afternoon. They also aired on Channel 4 in England and ABC in Australia (not sure on this). They were shown in reruns on various channels such as PAX for a few years after cancellation. Right now they aren't on TV but Cartoon Network is thinking about putting them back on. If they refuse Fox
Family (now ABC Family) will think about it. The series was animated by DIC.

Voices for the series:
Mario (Super Show): Lou Albano
Mario (3/World): Walker Boone
Luigi (Super Show): Danny Wells
Luigi (3/World): Tony Rosato
Princess (Super Show): Jeannie Elias
Princess (3/World): Tracey Moore
Toad: John Stocker
King Koopa: Harvey Atkin
Mouser: Robert Bockstael
Triclyde: Harvey Atkin
Kootie Pie: Paulina Gillis
Kooky: Michael Stark
Hip and Hop: Tara Charendoff/Strong
Bully: Gordon Masten
Big Mouth: Dan Hennessey
Cheatsy: James Rankin
Oogtar: John Stocker
Yoshi: Andrew Sebiston
Sledge Bros: Dan Hennessey
Boomerang Bros: John Stocker
Fire Bros: John Stocker
Angry Sun: Dan Hennessey

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