The Mushroom Games

Episode Nine

By Crazy Packers Fan

Crazy Packers Fan: Welcome back to The Mushroom Games! Iím Crazy Packers Fan, here with 24 players wanting the grand prize: 8 million coins! But, first, for math whizzes, the Super Koopas are down by 25 points and could only gain 20 on the Mario Morons. But, to make things competitive, weíre doubling the points totals this week, like this:

1st: 100
2nd: 80
3rd: 60

That way, anything can still happen, and any two teams can end up in the finals next week. Since the next
Mario GameCube game should be Mario Sunshine...

Ludwig 222: Yes?

Crazy Packers Fan: Weíre going to have a contest based on Dr. Mario!

All 24: OH NO!!!

Crazy Packers Fan: I know you all just love that idea, but hereís what will go on: There will be tons of life-size viruses lurking around here. Your goal is to find the Megavitamins, hidden somewhere in this arena, and toss them at the viruses in order to kill them. After one hour, whoever has the most killed wins. Any

Misty: What happens if one of us comes in contact with one of them?

Crazy Packers Fan: I donít know. Iíve never wanted to find out.

Misty: Thatís bad news.

Crazy Packers Fan: Ready-

Tony: Wait!

Crazy Packers Fan: What now?

Tony: Can we take these down without Megavitamins?

Crazy Packers Fan: I wouldnít recommend it.

Tony: Why not?

Crazy Packers Fan: They are invulnerable to anything but Megavitamins.

Tony: Thatís a poor excuse!

Crazy Packers Fan: Ready, set-

Daisy: Wait!

Crazy Packers Fan: What now?!

Daisy: May we sacrifice one of our teammates to the viruses?

Crazy Packers Fan: You may only sacrifice yourself, not Princess Peach!

Daisy: Hold on. Whoís the princess here? You donít call her princess, you-

Crazy Packers Fan: Ready, set, g-

Smash: Wait!

Crazy Packers Fan: WHAT NOW?!

Smash: Say we somehow, er, leave the stadium-

Crazy Packers Fan: NO!!!

The Mario Surfer: Someoneís in a bad mood!

Crazy Packers Fan: One more outburst like that and Iíll have the viruses after you! Ready, set, go!

Hammer: Wait!

Crazy Packers Fan: Too late, I already started!

Mario Morons...

Daisy: Using the help of Morton Koopa Jr., I now can tell you the complete truth, Peach! You are dumb, stupid, moronic, imbecilic, idiotic, feeble-minded, obtuse, simple, and simple-minded! Now thatís enough
evidence that should make The King here make me the princess instead of you! You want a smart princess,
right, The King?

The King: Whatís smart?

Daisy: Thereís two of them in the same family!

Peach: Who have you been talking to?

Daisy: Never mind.

Luigi: Iím Dr. Luigi!

Luigi has all that Dr. stuff on.

Daisy: Hereís Dr. Luigi to you!

Daisy pulls on the stethoscope and lets go.

Luigi: Yee-owch!

Daisy: Now get those Megavitamins and kill the viruses while I insult Peach!

Yoshi: Yoshi find Megavitamins!

Wario: Does that mean Yoshi will find them, has found them, is finding them, or may find them?

Yoshi slurps about 50 Megavitamins.

Yoshi: Wario try some.

Wario: Good job, Yoshi! You found the Megavitamins!

The Other Two Teams: The Megavitamins!

They rush over.

Ludwig 222: Too late! Look!

Yoshi: Burp!

Smash: Now weíre all out of Megavitamins!

The viruses come running over to the 24 players, causing all but Wario and Waluigi to run to the other side of the stadium.

Waluigi: Iím scared of a lot of things. Maybe everything! But one thing Iím extremely scared of is viruses. Really scared. In fact, Iím so scared I donít know why Iím even in this competition! I think that Wario needs to save me! Wario! Thatís your cue!

Wario: I canít get up!

As the viruses come within armís distance, the Fever music from Dr. Mario starts to blast.

Wario: Hey, I like this song...

Waluigi: I donít! Iím scared of music!

Wario: Is that song bad news? I have a feeling it is!

Waluigi: Iím too scared to move!

Wario: Why move? Unless the viruses are near...

Daisy (calling from the other side of the stadium): Wario Brothers! Get over here before the viruses get you!

Wario: I still canít move!

Waluigi: Iím still too scared to move!

Crazy Packers Fan: Only one half-hour to go!

Daisy: We have no Megavitamins to fight the viruses with, so no one can score! Just leave it at that!

Crazy Packers Fan: Just wait...

Somehow, Wario is able to slither away, and Waluigi goes with him, hanging on to his foot. The viruses are
unable to get any closer to them because of how bad it smells around Waluigi. They scatter around the arena, chasing after the players, but are not fast enough to catch any of them.

Ludwig: Having any trouble with these viruses?

Crazy Packers Fan: I brought them here! The players are supposed to catch them!

Ludwig: Oh. But I do have a machine that they may want to buy...

Crazy Packers Fan: Whatís that?

Ludwig: Look at this machine! By pushing this button, it will fire a laser at whatever is under this metal thing here. It will shrink it and then destroy it! To make sure it doesnít hurt anyone, it is set on the ďViruses OnlyĒ option.

Crazy Packers Fan: This is too easy! If one of them buys it, theyíll automatically win!

Ludwig: At the price of 100,000 coins, itís not an easy bargain!

Crazy Packers Fan: All right. Letís try it out first to make sure it works.

Ludwig: Here comes three viruses now!

The viruses run under the laser. A large explosion occurs.


Crazy Packers Fan: Oh no!!!

The machine is no more, but the viruses have been multiplied- by the thousands!

Crazy Packers Fan: What now, Ludwig?

Ludwig: My invention didnít quite work...

With viruses running around everywhere and no Megavitamins to be found, fans start to vacate the stands and the 24 contestants are jumping into the seats, trying to find an escape. Unfortunately, the laser is still on, somehow, causing more and more viruses to appear.

Crazy Packers Fan: I know where some of the Megavitamins are...

Crazy Packers Fan opens up a case full of Megavitamins and tosses them. Luigi ends up catching some.

Luigi: Dr. Luigi to the rescue!

Luigi extinguishes seven viruses. Misty gets hit by a Megavitamin too, but she is able to use it for good,
getting rid of one virus.

Crazy Packers Fan: Run for cover!

All the participants are on their way out of the stadium when the overpopulation of the viruses catches up with them.

The King: NOOOOOO!!! Or is it yes?

That night, at Mushroom Kingdom Hospital...

Crazy Packers Fan: Iíd like to check in 25, uh, what are you guys?

Ludwig: Just call us *cough* losers who got *sneeze* sick.

Crazy Packers Fan: Anyway, these 25 got kind of, you know, sick. So anything you can do to help them?
Anything I can do to make you talk? Are you a doctor, nurse, or a receptionist? Hello?

Dr. Mario: Iíll help you out!

Crazy Packers Fan: Thatís a relief. Wait a minute, whatís your name?

Dr. Mario: Iím-a Dr. Mario!

Crazy Packers Fan: Uh, never mind. I donít need your help.

Misty: If you donít think of some way to heal us, Iím suing!

Washu: Yeah, itís no fair you held all the Megavitamins in your hands so you wouldnít get sick, but the rest of us did!

Crazy Packers Fan: Thereís some Megavitamins somewhere in this hospital. Fortunately, I donít have to go look for them.

Roy: Iím expecting a big tip!

Roy goes out and comes back with a ton of Megavitamins.

Roy: The hospital workers are after me. Youíd better get these losers healed and out of here quick!

Crazy Packers Fan: All right, everyone, open up!

The next day, at the stadium...

Crazy Packers Fan: Welcome back to The Mushroom Games! There was a minor disaster that went on yesterday, but after some force-feeding of Megavitamins...

Lord Seth: I hope those Megavitamins donít have any side effects!

Crazy Packers Fan: They donít! And Iím sure of it! Anyway, the viruses ended up getting all destroyed
whenever Waluigi yawned...

Waluigi: Itís not my fault!

Crazy Packers Fan: So our contest ended up getting cut short a little bit too early. But I do recall Luigi
getting seven viruses and Misty getting one. That would make it...

1st: Mario Morons
2nd: Super Koopas
3rd: Hammer Brothers

Hmm, doesnít that seem familiar? Thatís the same order as last week! Although it wasnít that much of a
contest, we have the points ending up like this...

Hammer Brothers: 280 + 60 = 340
Mario Morons: 270 + 100 = 370
Super Koopas: 245 + 80 = 325

So our standings are...

Mario Morons: 370
Hammer Brothers: 340
Super Koopas: 325

Which gives us a little bit of a surprise: the Super Koopas have finally been eliminated!

Misty: This is my last chance to say it, so I might as well let everyone know... this gameís RIGGED!

Lord Seth: 10,000 coins? Not bad... but 1,000,000 is a lot better.

Washu: At least our torture is finally over.

Husky: Arf!

Smash: Wait! Wait! Stop everything! I really donít think you can do this to us, just kicking us out!

Crazy Packers Fan: And why not?

Smash: Iím in first-

Crazy Packers Fan: Not good enough of an excuse.

Smash: But I-

Crazy Packers Fan: So hereís your teamís 80,000 coins!

Smash: I donít get interrupted three-

Crazy Packers Fan: How about the last-place Mario Morons coming back to take first place!

Daisy: No thanks to Peach, but Waluigi did help a little...

Crazy Packers Fan: Now that the Super Koopas can finally stop trying to come back, we have a two-team

Mario Morons: 370
Hammer Brothers: 340

These two teams will meet up next week in a wild finale, which will give one team the grand prize and send the other one home. So donít miss next week as I will finally give away the 8,000,000 coins to the winner, in The Mushroom Games finale!

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