Super Mario Sunshine Guide

By Fungi

Rating: Everyone
Players: 1

Delfino Airstrip

This Shine is fairly easy to get. See the pink goop? You canít do anything until you find FLUDD, which is located between the two Ms. After the brief introduction of FLUDD, spray the center part of the goop and out comes a goopy Piranha Plant. Shoot him in the mouth when itís wide open. After doing this, get the Shine and Mario will be arrested.

Delfino Plaza

Shine #1:
Find the sandy area located near the lighthouse, and spray everywhere until you see something yellow appearing. Keep spraying it and a Shine will appear.

Shine #2:
See that pipe near the pillars?  It is located near the lighthouse. Jump from pillar to pillar and youíll eventually reach the pipe. In here is a slide stage (Super Mario 64 memento!), which can be quite frustrating. While in the area with lots of holes in it, use FLUDDís hover. Youíll be fine until you reach that thin area. Use the hover to make things easier. Get the Shine on the last platform.

Shine #3:
Find the man getting ticked off by the poster. He has a blue shirt, wears a hat, and has blue skin and a mustache. Climb to the blue roof. (Note: if you donít know where he is, heís to the west of the entrance of Bianco Hills. Look up and squirt the dirty bell until it gets clean. When the Shine appears, access the manhole south of the south statue. Head west, and then leave the sewers when you're under the building.

Shine #4 (Note: Starting from this Shine, you need to access Bianco Hills and beat at least one Episode):
At the west side of the large, open area in the center of the town, thereís an open door. Go in, talk to the man, play the box smashing mini-game in thirty seconds, and win.

Shine #5:
Go in the same place as you did with Shine #4. The smashing game gets a bit harder now that the boxes are stacked. Do a Spin or Side Jump and pound all of the boxes.

Shine #6:
Find the lone Pianta on a rooftop and talk to him. If you have at least a coin, heíll throw you and youíll end up inside a building with a Shine in it.

Shine #7 (Note: Starting from this Shine, you need to beat Episode 3 in Bianco Hills):
Get 100 coins. Look around the sewers, spray birds, spray posters, etc. The Shine will be found on the lone platform with a banana on it.

Shine #8:
See the lone coin under the water entrance? Jump on the boat and hover into the coin.  Youíll end up in a giant pinball machine. The red coins are easy, but try not to fall in the bottom. Hereís the coin list:

Coins 1, 2, and 3 are all on the spring chute.
Coin 4 is on the top left.
Coin 5 is on the top, main one.
Coin 6 is on the top right.
Coin 7 is on the lower right.
Coin 8 is on the lower left.

Shine #9 (Note: Starting from this Shine, you must beat Episode 1 in Pinna Park):
Go to the island with the shipwrecked man. Shoot the orange bird and get the Shine on the pillars.

Shine #10 (Note: You need Yoshi for this):
Very hard Shine. Get Yoshi, and go on the boat near the pinball stage. Carefully, get on the island with the woman and jump on the other boat. Jump on the lone platform, eat the banana if needed, and jump on the next boat. As soon as you reach the island, spray the lava stuff on the pipe with Yoshi and go in. DONíT JUMP IN THE WATER. Itís toxic and you'll die instantly. Jump on the lily pad and use the squirt nozzle to get around. The key is to not miss the red coins.

Shine #11:
You need Turbo Nozzle for this. On the building with Yoshi in it, Turbo through the Saloon-like door and youíll crash in. Get the Shine.

Shine #12:
Turbo through the door in the police station. Another bonus. Turbo like mad! Keep going straight while turboing and you can jump real far from platform to Platform. On the last platform, Shine Get!

Shine #13:
This requires a Rocket Nozzle. Grab one and go atop the lighthouse. See the meteor? Go atop and rocket up. Right when you halt, do the ground pound until you collide with the lighthouse. A Shine will appear and you need to rocket to get it.

Shine #14:
Rocket Nozzle again! Go to the dirty bell tower similar to the first bell tower. Rocket up to get the Shine after the bell is washed.

Shine #15:
Rocket up where the high basket is. Youíll end up on a pond. Clean the giant Shine Sprite and a Shine will appear. Rocket up to get it.

Shine #16:
Near the Pinna Park entrance, jump on the palm trees close by and go in the pipe. Red coin challenge again. Spray the burning Pianta, shoot the red bird, destroy the four enemies, find some on the blocks, and pound the watermelon block in one of the corners.

Shine #17:
Go in Corona Mountain (last stage) and beat Bowser.

Shines #18 to #41:
Collect all 240 Blue Coins and trade them to the tanooki in the hut where the entrance of Ricco Harbor is.

Bianco Hills

Episode 1:
This Shine is simple to get. At the starting point, keep on going north and cross the rope to the other side. If you like, spray the little Strolliní Stu generator. Keep going north until you come across a giant wheel spoke and jump on it. Get to the other side and you might see a giant batch of brown goop. Spray everything in sight and spray the big lumpy goop pile.Out comes a Piranha Plant! Do the same as you did at the beginning of the game and you get a Shine!

Episode 2:
Defeat Petey Piranha. Go atop the windmill and fight him. To get to him, go where you have got your Shine on Episode 1. Go to the bridge and watch your step.  Hover across the other side and follow the path.  Clean up the goop and avoid the Piranhabons. Eventually, a red vine will block your path. Hover to the right of it and get across. Youíll see another one soon, so do the same routine. Jump on the moving platforms and wait until you see Petey. Come to him and you will fall inside the windmill. To defeat Petey, spray water in his mouth when he is about to launch a load of goop. Heíll inflate and fall over. Pound on his belly and heíll get hurt. Do the same routine two more times.

Episode 3:
Remember where the trees were? Go there and look at the right of the bridge. Youíll find a pair of platforms with rope on it. Go there and jump. Youíll notice an up sign. Go to the ledge where it is and jump on the rope above. Youíll see a cave. Go in.  Youíll notice this level is similar to the classic Mario games, only 3D. There are orange platforms going horizontally. Carefully double jump on each one. Avoid those cubical obstacles and jump on the star platforms to the north of them. Jump out to reach the Shine.

Episode 4:
Look for red coins. Hereís the list:

1. Located near where the blue Nozzle container is. The coin is on a rope.
2. After getting coin 1, go to the top rope and youíll see a coin on a roof.
3. Go north from coin 2 until you see a white wall on the left. Look above and get on the rope above. You see a red coin on the platform where the rope is.
4. The fourth coin is on one of the two wind devices.
5. On the house with a balcony near the wind devices.
6. Inside the shade next to the bells.
7. On top of the curve on the white wall.
8. At the end of the wallís highest part.

Episode 5:
Petey Piranha is back! Youíll see a bunch of goop all over Bianco Hills. Donít waste time to clean unless it is really annoying. At the starting point, keep on going north until you see a rocky hillside. Jump on the hill and go hill to hill until you reach the highest point. Youíll notice Petey sleeping and youíll see a bunch of floating balloons. Get one and fill it with water. Aim it at Petey and heíll wake up. Heíll fly around town and you canít defeat him in midair. To get him down, squirt him with a balloon and heíll fall. This time, heíll throw tornados at you. Do the same routine as you fought him before. Wait till he opens his mouth and squirt his mouth until he falls over. Pound his belly. Do the same thing two more times and youíll get a Shine.

Episode 6:
Go to the lake and find a lily pad. Use FLUDD to move the pad. Jump to the next one and do the same until you see some logs, then double jump to the cave.  Youíre without FLUDD again and you have to navigate without it. Just take your time and when the block you're on tries to flip jump to a different colored block. For the rotating cube, you can actually stay on by simply walking from one side to another as it turns. You'll need to wall jump to get on and off of the first cube. The end is just like the beginning. Just make sure you switch between red and blue blocks as they flip.

Episode 7:
You have to chase Shadow Mario around, squirting him. To squirt while walking, press R lightly. Shadow Mario stays in one particular area, so itíll be easy. Squirt many times and come to him or heíll escape and you have to do it again.

Episode 8:
Again, red coins. The list:

1. Head under the bridge leading to the giant windmill via the rope, then leap up and grab the first coin.
2. The second coin is close to where the first one is. Jump to the right where you got the first one. The coin is in the center of a group of coins.
3. Jump across palm treetops to the two platforms linked by a rope overlooking the lake. Nab the red coin.
4. Head for the cluster of platforms near the cave from Episode 3.
5. Use the rocket nozzle to reach the high ropes. Youíll see a red coin immediately.
6. Ascend to the next long rope, the link to the upper platforms. Bounce up to reach the coin.
7. Continue on the rope and avoid or kill the Pokey. Go on the next rope and bounce to reach the coin.
8. Near the bridge on the three ropes stacked vertically, go on them. Youíll see a red coin on a rope nearby. Grab it.

After getting the coins, the Shine is yours.

100-coin Shine:
The best place to get the coins is Episode 8. I canít really help you on this, but hereís an advice. Kill all the enemies first. For the tall Pokeys, jump on their heads to receive three coins. For the smaller ones, squirt them against the walls to get three coins. For the groups of six flowers, squirt all of them at once to get six coins! Youíll get a Shine in no time!

Secret 1:
Go back to the cave from Episode 3. Get red coins. Pound on the red switch when the level starts. You have FLUDD with you this time. Hereís the list:

1. Above the second sideway moving step.
2. On the bottom right corner of the bundle of small orange cubes.
3. On the bottom left corner of the bundle of small orange cubes.
4. On the top left corner of the bundle of small orange cubes.
5. On the top right corner of the bundle of small orange cubes.
6. Look left and grab the coin on the moving star platform.
7. On the right where two star platforms are.
8. Same as above.

Shine Get!

Secret 2:
Go to the cave from Episode 6. Again, red coins. Hereís the list:

1. Above a red platform in the first set of rotating platforms near the large blue platform.
2. Atop the mushroom on the star platform.
3. In middle of the moving red arrow obstacles.
4. On the green corner of the moving cube right under the other Mushroom. By the time you see the Mushroom, grab the coin.
5. Above the fourth coin. Wait for the shadow and carefully stay between the blue and orange corners.
6. Near a blue rotating platform. Jump and hover to reach it.
7. In the middle of the second set of rotating platforms.
8. Go to the far right part of the set of rotating platforms and grab the coin.

Ricco Harbor

Busy Pianta workers, construction zones, and lots of Bloober surfers. One thing, oil is everywhere and evil Bloobers run spreading this new type of goop!

Episode 1:
Go up the ramp leading to the ship. Either ignore those Bloobers or step on them.  Jump atop the fences and go to where the piles of boxes is.  Spin jump to the high ledge and keep on going straight. Youíll see a tentacle in a pile of colorful boxes. Press B on it and hold onto it. Keep on going backwards until Goober Bloober comes out. How to beat him? Squirt water at his face. Pound on one tentacle and grab it, pulling the control stick back and HOLD ONTO THAT B BUTTON! His tentacle comes out! Do the same routine on the other tentacles. After theyíre all gone, pull on the cork thingy in his mouth. Press B on the mouth and hold that button. Pull back and he goes splat! Nope! Heís still alive! Clean him up and do the same routine you did before. Grab his mouth and pull on it. Now he flies into the water, retreating. You deserve a Shine.

Episode 2:
At the starting point, turn right and follow the line of yellow coins. Jump on a Bloober and go to that sewer entrance from the preview. After talking to the Pianta, jump on a Bloober and go to the finish line in less than 45 seconds. I canít really help you on this, just try to avoid the obstacles and the wall.

Episode 3:
You need to get in that yellow cage and jump from ledge to ledge in order to get your Shine. The best way to get up there is ro find a ship that is far away from the island directly under the blue platforms and near a fence. Jump off the boatís smokestack and then hover over to the fence. Punch through to the other side of the fence and jump and hover onto the blue platforms. Take a left and jump/hover around the obstruction that is in your way. Jump and hover to the next floor. Try to avoid the Wind Spirits. At this point, follow the walkway and use the bouncy things to keep on getting from platform to platform until finally, you fall into the cage.

Episode 4:
Go to the girders of Ricco Tower and keep on Wall Kicking between the vertical girders. Go inside the hole. Again, you donít have FLUDD and you have to go through a series of titling platforms. The key is when a platform tilts, jump on it and do the same for the rest  Itís all about timing.

Episode 5:
Goober Bloober is back! Big deal. Where you first fought him, jump on one of the buildings and jump to the helipad. Do the exact same routine as before, itís just the battle area is smaller now. Try not to fall.

Episode 6:
At the starting point, go right and go through the logs. Jump on the red thingy and quickly jump on a Bloober. Try not to hit any boat or you lose a life. I canít really tell you the locations, but the red coins are all connected or are very close to each other. One is atop the yellow submarine and five are in a trail of coins.  One is right under a structure and one is near the yellow line. Try to plan which coins youíre going to get first.

Episode 7:
Shadow Mario!!! Heíll usually hang around the construction zone, making it hard for you to keep up with him, but he starts where you do so you can get a big head start squirting him. Try using sneak attacks on him. Note that he goes around in circles so you can go the opposite way. My strategy is to stay far from him, but just close enough for you to squirt him.

Episode 8:
You need Yoshi for this one. Go to where the Goober Bloober was first. First, go on top of the fruit vent. It says ďFruitsĒ on it. There is a pink piston sticking out; pound on it. Keep on pounding both pistons until a Durian comes out. Durians look like pineapples with no leaves. Kick it to the Yoshi egg at the far right where the Cheep Cheeps are. Use Yoshi to squirt juice at them. They turn into moving platforms. By the time the moving platform reaches a pillar, get on it. Yoshi can spin jump very high, giving you an advantage of reaching far platforms.  When you get to where the Shine is, get Yoshi to squirt that orange stuff and ditch him. Pound on top of the cage and get the Shine.

Next Update: The rest of Ricco Harbor and most of Gelato Beach.

To Be Continued...

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