Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Boss Guide

By crankymama5452

Fawful - 30 HP
Most would not consider this much of a boss, but he is. When Fawful goes to attack he'll speak. Look at the color of his dialogie to determine who he'll shoot at. Red for Mario and green for Luigi. If he says "Fink rat!" he'll target only one Brother, but if he says "Have your readiness for this?" he'll target the Brother who matches the dialogue color first, then the other Brother. Jump the energy ball before it hits. After 18 HP is taken off his helmet breaks. He'll walk a little distance from a Brother and try to ram you. Jump when his feet shuffle to dodge him.

Tolstar - 52 HP
An actual boss finnaly. His one and only attack is to toss spiked balls at you. Watch to see which hand he throws with. He'll throw a spiked ball at the Brother closer to the hand he throws with. Ignore him when he tells you that it won't help knowing which hand he's throwing with. If he rolls the ball you must jump it as it closes in. If he lobs it into the middle of the area, it'll bounce over the Brother so stay still.

Hoohooros - 45 HP
Hoohooros starts by forming two stone pillars and hiding beneath one. Each pillar can attack but only fire a laser beam and it only targets the Bro straight in front of it. The idea is to first destroy the pillar Hoohooros is not under or he'll just move under the other and reform the crushed one. When you destroy the one he isn't under then he'll move out in the open. He'll then form a useless statue. Hoohooros will fire a laser next to the brother in front of him and move it across the screen. Jump the laser. Being Mario is more likely going to have higher attack, it is best to throw a Splash Bros on him and destroy his only pillar with Luigi. If you do this every turn he won't be able to hide himself, making winning easy.

Dragohoho - 80 HP
He only has a fireball spit attack and a move where he forms a hoohoo block. If he tilts his head back before he spits the fireball, Mario is the target. If he doesn't then the target's Luigi. It is recomended you use Bros moves on him. After so many whacks to the head he'll shrink, making dodging easier. If he spits out the hoohoo block then he'll jump forward on it for close up and hard to avoid attacks.

Queen Bean - 120 HP
Left Arm and Right Arm - 22 HP
In order to cause her harm you must destroy the crown. The crown is destroyed when you defeat her arms. Each turn her arms are bulging, she'll close in on you. Her main attack is a shockwave that shoots at both Bros. Jump the shockwave. If her attack is up, the shockwave moves more slowly. If her arms are still active after she gets too close, she'll try to slam a fist on you. Hammer it as it lowers. When her arms are out of commission she'll spit Beanies. To decide who she'll spit at, watch which arm she twitches. Jump it before it hits or a Beanie will enter the fight. After two turns her arms and crown come back in battle.

Popple - 100 HP
Rookie - 120 HP
This is a funny group that'll attack you. Popple will run to a Brother for a ram so jump him. If the hammer icon appears then he'll try to steal an item from you. Hammer him away because if he gets a Mushroom, he'll use it when he or Rookie get weak. Rookie will throw hammer at you. If he jumps first, he'll throw at Luigi. Hammer his hammers. When he gets under 60 HP remaining he'll begin spitting fireballs. If Popple's eyes go buggy, he'll go after Luigi. Rookies fireballs can easily be jumped. If you beat Rookie first Popple will run away, but kill him first for the extra experience points.

Wiggler - 34 HP
As low as his HP is, this fight may go a while. The main target is his head but you can't harm it until you jump on all segments of his body so they are yellow. His only moves are to run at you, where you must jump him. The bad thing about this is you can't jump his whole body so you may land on a yellow segment, making it red again. If you jump on his head while its red, he'll launch a shockwave which you must jump. If you can perform Chopper and Knockback Kros well at level 3 then you may have the power to defeat him with one strike on his yellow head from each Bro.

Chuckolator - 300 HP
This is the first challenge you'll have. This boss will always attack multiple times a turn. For his first 30 HP he'll have a shield which you may want to bash up with Knockback Bros. If his arm not holding a shield turns to a gun, he'll point at a Brother before shooting a glob of Chuckola Cola at him. Jump it. If his hand is a sword he'll bounce across from a Bro and chop the ground sending, a Chuckola Cola wave. Hammer the wave just when it gets in front of the Bro. When his shield is destroyed he'll make one hand a sword and the other a gun. He'll receive barely any damage from a normal jump attack. Hammering him does a little damage but Bros moves do a lot more. When he is down to his last few points he'll shrink into the barrel so only his eyes and the cola around it can be seen. He'll just run at you so you can easily counter him. Bubbles will begin giving off bad jokes which will heal some of Chuckolator's HP. Use Bros moves to inflict more damage than other moves to drag him down quicker.

Cackletta - 200 HP
What's that? The final boss already? Don't wory, this is far from the final boss. She'll instantly start off by making herself some giant, ugly, monsterous thing and making black holes move across the hole. Jump them as they come at you. If you fall in one you take damage, lose some attack power, and gain weight, screwing up the timing on your attacks for a while. She'll go back to normal and raise her arms. If she raises an arm towards Mario, a bolt will shoot at him, then Luigi. If she holds an arm out at Luigi, the bolt will shoot at him, then Mario. If she holds out both arms, a bolt will shoot at both Bros at once. Jump as soon as the arm raises to its highest to dodge the bolt. She'll create two clones and you won't be able to determine which is the real Cackletta. If you hit the real one the clones will disappear. If you hit a clone it'll blow down into a lot of bats that fly at the Brothers. Jump them as they come or you'll take damage and be poisoned. Around the last few HP she'll take on the monstrous form again and make her only attack the black hole launch.

Popple and Rookie #2
Popple - 150 HP
Rookie - 250 HP
Same as the last fight with one new thing: Popple and Rookie have Bros attacks. Rookie will scorch Popple and then swing him in circles before throwing him into a Bro. Hammer Popple away. The other is Rookie will grab Popple and jump off the screen. They'll then land with Rookie using Popple as a jackhammer, shooting shockwaves at the Bros. Jump them. If Rookie jumps before an attack that targets only one Brother, he'll go for Luigi. He'll go for Mario if he stay's grounded. Rookie will attack more and more each turn as he gets weaker 'til he fires two fireballs and tosses two hammers. Popple attacks the same way as always. Beat Rookie and Popple runs off, so kill Popple first.

Mom Piranha - 220 HP
Mom Piranha will always be with two regular Piranha Plant's. While the Piranha gang is red, electricity is your best bet. Mom Piranha can change to the color blue but only if her assistants go down, then they'll be revived as the color blue. While they are blue they hate fire. Be warned that she'll heal if you flame her while she is red or zap her while she is blue. If you attack Mom head on the Piranha Plants will fire some energy balls at you which must be jumped. The energy balls target Mario if the Piranha Plant lifts its head up before shooting. Mom Piranha can form a giant energy ball which she'll launch at a Bro. Watch its shadow to determine who it'll fall on. Hammer it and it'll fly right into her face. Her other attack is she'll come right in front of you and whip her vine back and forth across the screen at you. Jump it.

Trunkle - 150 HP
His main attack is to spin an arm and launch a boulder at the Bro closest to the arm. He has immense defense so bash him with Bros moves. When you knock all 110 HP off he'll divide into four mini-Trunkle. One will eat a berry, then they'll all shuffle. The object is to bash 40 HP off the one with the berry to kill it or they'll reform Trunkle. The mini-Trunkles will roll at you so jump them before they hit.

Hermie lll - 400 HP
Time to fight the Christmas crab. This guy is going to be the hardest match yet. His claws each have 50 HP and can attack you. If a claw moves, it'll go at the Bro closer to it. Jump on the claw or his claws attack will go on forever til it's jumped on. Another attack is that Hermie will launch toxic bubbles at the Bros. If you don't hammer them you'll take damage and be poisoned. If you destroy the claws, Hermie will retreat to his shell, causing all attacks to do 1 HP damage. He'll heal every turn until you flame his shell, bringing him out. His claws recieve extra damage if zapped.

Popple - 550 HP
He's all alone. Poor him! Unfortunately his defense is mind numbingly high. To cause any decent damage it is best to start off with Thunder Bros. He is almost exactly the same as in the other battles except he can take your hammers from you. If he goes in to take a hammer, hit him away or he'll take the hammer and bash at you rapidly with it that turn. He can also pull out a bag and throw regular and poison Mushrooms at you. He'll lob some and roll some so jump and stay to dodge the bad Mushrooms and get the good ones.

Piranha Bean - 180 HP

Luigi is all alone on this one. Your best bet is constant Thunder Hand attacks. He has two attacks. Either he'll launch a barrage of fireballs or a slightly larger object. All of them must be jumped. It is best to enter
battle with a few Mushrooms and Peppers. There isn't much to the battle so don't panic about Luigi being alone.

Jojora and Random Friend
Jojora - 50 HP
Random Friend - 500 HP
Jojora can go in for a wand whack. If you hammer it before the strike he'll lose the wand and temporarily leave the battle. His other moves is to try and burry you in snow. Just keep jumping. The random friend will dye her hair red or yellow, hoping you'll fall for her. Zap her if the hair is red and burn it if it's yellow. She may try to plant a big, sloppy, poisonous kiss on you so jump when she goes to grab you. Her other move is that she'll wink at a Bro before leaving the screen and flying out and rolling across the floor at that Bro. Hammer her away. Jojora will recieve 1 HP damage from each attack so if you insist on killing him use Fire and Knockback Bros. If you kill the friend first, Jojora will leave the match.

Popple and Birdo
Popple - 500 HP
Birdo - 400 HP
Go right into the Thunder Bros attack ASAP or you'll do very low damage to them. Popple maintains his same moves as before so don't expect anything new. Birdo is the main problem. If you attack Popple, Birdo, who is in love with Popple, will encase Popple in an egg and put him with three others to screw you up. Each turn all four eggs will roll at a Bro. Hammer them away. If you get Popple before all the eggs are gone he'll destroy the eggs himself. Birdo can make a target and lock it on a Bro before launching eggs at the Bro. If you beat Popple, first Birdo will boost her stats by 50% and gain a flaming egg attack. The flaming egg attack is like a normal egg attack but more powerful.

Iggy - 550 HP
His defense is average so if you combine Thunder Bros with a Red Pepper he'll drop in no time. Iggy has two attacks. His first attack is where he'll spit fireballs at a Bro. Hammer them as they close in and they'll fly back in his face. His other attack is a spinning move where he twirls at high speed around the bros. Hammer him fast or both Bros will take damage and become dizzy. Oddly enough, I find he takes a beating from Splash and Bounce Bros attacks.

Morton - 500 HP
Morton has two attacks. His first is the same as Iggy's, a fireball barrage, only they shoot faster. His other move is a shockwave attack where he'll jump into the air, spin, and drop down, launching a shockwave at each Bro. He'll shoot one shockwave for every time he spins in the air. Always start with Thunder Bros. For an advantage, he to me seems weaker to the Chopper and Knockback Bros attacks.

Lemmy - 380 HP
Lemmy can preform a much faster fireball shot attack so be ready for speed hammering. His other attack is the deadly cloning attack, where he forms three clones. It is impossible to tell the real Lemmy from the fake ones. He is weak again Splash Bros and Fire Bros. Thunder Bros can't lower his defense so go right at the Splash and Fire Bros. Use Luigi for healing and Knockback Broing.

Ludwig - 550 HP
To make this short, he has Iggy's attacks only he spins faster and shoots more fireballs. His thrid attack is where he'll get in his shell and launch at the Bros. This attack can go on for a long time so be prepared for a lot of jumping. This is his deadliest attack. Use Thunder Bros at the start, then go in for Cyclone and Swing Bros on him.

Roy - 550 HP
Roy has the shell launch, fireball launch, and shockwave launch attacks. His fireballs are faster, he shoots faster in his shell, and he fires more and faster shockwaves. This battle introduces the time bomb. You have eight turns to beat him or it's game over. Do the Thunder Bros attack on him followed by Knockback Bros and Chopper Bros for ultimate damage.

Wendy - 350 HP
She has the fireball launch and the cloning attack. Her new attack is a ring toss where she throws a ring at both Bros. Jump into the center of it and jump again when she claps her hands or the rings will close in on you, causing damage and a gain in weight. Thunder Bros doesn't work and you must beat her in eight turns. Go in for Thunder Bros Advance and Splash Bros.

Larry - 550 HP
Tennis, anyone? My favorite Koopaling has every attack Ludwig has only they are more powerful and last longer. The eight turn timer is in this battle too, so go fast. The new addition is when he spits a fireball and
you hammer it back, he may pull out a tennis racket and hit the fireball back. Keep hitting it back and forth until Larry screws up and it hits. Be alert, the fireball will power up the more he hits it back. Use Thunder
Bros, then bash away with Fire Bros and Knockback Bros.

Fawful - 450 HP

He's back and looking more like an alien. He now shields himself in a tank. The tank will fire lasers and move them around. Jump them. To get Fawful out of the tank you must hit it five times. Fire and Knockback Bros should be used here. He'll spin energy balls around the room that close in on you as they rotate. Hammer them or be prepared for lots of jumping. Fawful will come out, bash at him for those two turns with Knockback and Chopper Bros. Another attack is the tank will open up, he'll laugh, then launch many energy balls at you. Hammer them back at him.

Bowletta - 500 HP

For the first half of the battle she'll only have two attacks. If a block appears over each Bro's head, you must jump up and hit it the same number of times as the number on the block. You'll have a time limit to do this before she sends a giant fire blast at you. Destroy the blocks so you can jump the blast. The other is a flarette barrage. She'll spit one flare, place one by her, spit two at you, place another by her, spit two more at you, and place one more by her. Jump all the flarettes. Dispose of the flarettes on the field or she'll use them to heal. After 250 HP is taken off she'll turn black. She'll only have one move but it goes on for a long time. She'll drop a large number of stars down at the Bros. Take notice of the color of them. If they are red, they go at Mario, green at Luigi, and purple ones fly harmlessly by. Hammer them back to cause damage to her. Don't forget Thunder Bros before using Knockback and Chopper Bros.

Cackletta's Ghost
Left Arm - 80 HP
Right Arm - 80 HP
Head - 200 HP
Heart - 640 HP
You'll only have 1 HP at the start of the final battle so go in on using Nuts at first. The object is to destroy the heart. The heart remains untouchable 'til you destroy the arms and head. The right arm is electric so use Firebrand on it, and the left hand is fire so Thunderhand it. Both hands can stretch out to flick a Bro, so hammer them back. They both can extend out and make many full rotations. Jump them as they come around. Stay on the ground if they come overhead, though. The right hand can flick an electric buzz saw at a Bro. Hammer it and it'll move to the other Bro. The more damage done to the heart, the more the buzz saw must be hammered. The left hand can spin two fireballs around the Bros. Jump them as they close in. The more damage done to the heart, the bigger the flames and the more rotations they make. The head can heal 40-80 HP to each part but the head. It can also increase the attack of a random body part. Its main move is it'll fire an enormous energy ball over a Brother. Watch its shadow to tell which Bro. You must then hammer it four times to stop it. As she gets weak, the head will gain three more moves. The first is it'll roll its eyes. The eye will fire a laser at the Bro in front of it. If it points up, stay on land, if it points down, jump. It'll freeze the Bros' movement after the eyes stop so jump quickly if you need to. The second is she'll call on Fawful's ghost. He'll launch a stream of energy balls which you must jump. He'll then fly at a Bro, who must hammer him. The last is she'll form many energy balls that are red, white, and green. Watch as they appear as they'll disappear, then reappear and launch at the Bros in the first appearing order, red at Mario and green at Luigi. White does nothing. Hammer them back at her. The heart can ot attack nor does Thunder Bros work so bash at the heart with Knockback and Splash Bros. The heart appears after the head and arms are destroyed. When the heart pops out the head and arms will regenerate but the heart will stay out for two turns.

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