Super Paper Mario Boss Guide

By Red Koopa

Are you tired of losing to one boss? Well hereís your solution. Super Paper Mario may be an easy game to some people like me, but the bosses constantly annoy others. I have made this guide to help people save the universe from Count Bleck and restore peace. On to the guide. The bosses are listed in the order you fight them except for the optional bosses, and I will list the chapter they are fought in along with their HP and attack. Remember, you should almost always use Thoreau for boss battles because heís your boss-fighting Pixl. Here we go.

Chapter 1-3: The Sands of Yold
OíChunks (first battle)
HP: 20
Attack: 2

This guy is a piece of cake. OíChunks will attempt to ram you, so you need to use Thoreau to grab him and throw him. He will be stunned, and thatís your cue to jump on him. You can jump on him while heís moving, but that isnít a wise choice. He can grab you and throw you all around the screen and cause some serious damage. Just keep using Thoreau and youíll be fine.

Chapter 1-4: Monster of the Ruins
HP: ???
Attack: 3

Fracktail will be brainwashed by Dimentio, forcing you to fight him. He will try to swoop down on you a few times. Dodge and you should be fine. After that Tippi will tell you that heís coming right for you. When he comes, flip to 3D and jump on his back. Run up his back, avoiding his Frackles that also cause damage. When you reach his antenna use Thoreau to grab a Frackle, and throw them at his antenna a few times. After that youíll fall off his back. Repeat the process to defeat Fracktail. You might need to bring some Shroom Shakes just in case.

Chapter 2-4: The basement Face-off
Mimi (first battle)
HP: ???
Attack: 2

Mimi will fight in her true form, which is a spider. Merlee will get rid of her invincibility. Use Peach for this battle, as her umbrella can block the rupies she fires at you. Use Thoreau to grab a rupie and hit Mimi with it. She will fire another at you, so throw it at hit her again. She will become dazed. Now jump on her and she will lose a spider leg. Repeat this process until all her legs are gone. Bring a few Shroom Shakes. She will make a wave of rubies come at you. Use Peachís umbrella to dodge it.

Chapter 3-1: When Geeks Attack
Bowser (first battle)
HP: 30
Attack: 3

Bowser will fight Mario for destroying his castle in the Bitlands. You cannot be Peach in this battle and you donít have Tippi because the nerd Francis kidnapped her. Use Boomer to fight this battle. Bowser can do serious damage with his fire breath, so watch out. If you get cornered flip to 3D because Bowser canít, which gives you an advantage. You canít jump on his head or you will get hurt. Bring a full supply of Shroom Shakes if you are low on items. After you beat him he will join your party.

Chapter 3-2: Bloops Ahoy
Big Blooper
HP: ???
Attack: 2

Youíll be sandwiched between Big Blooperís tentacles. Use Bowser for this battle, because his flame breath is a must to beat this boss. The other way is to ground pound with Thudley, but I think using Bowser is better. Fry his blue tentacle to keep him from attacking you. Remember Barryís second tip well; that is what you need to do. When Big Blooper brings up his red tentacle, fry it with Bowser. This is Big Blooperís only weakness. After a few burns to the red tentacle, Big Blooper will fall. Keep going right to reach a pipe to end the chapter.

Chapter 3-3: Up, Up, and a Tree
Dimentio (first battle)
HP: 40
Attack: 2

Dimentio will attempt to kill you with starbursts. When he teleports low enough, jump on him to inflict damage. I recommend Mario or Peach for this battle because Bowser is slow-moving. Every once in a while Dimentio will attempt to trap you in an explosive box. Keep moving around the area to keep from getting trapped. Once you hit him enough heíll teleport away and might clone himself. Use Thoreau to eliminate the clones. Also you can jump on both, and if you get damaged by one Dimentio thatís the real one. After some timed jumps Dimentio will give up. If you arenít an experienced fighter yet, bring some Shroom Shakes.

Chapter 3-4: The Battle of Fort Francis
Francis (first battle)
HP: 40
Attack: 3

You finally get to the nerd Francis to save Tippi. When you enter the room you have to enter as Peach because the door is only accessible to geniuses and totally hot babes. When you enter Francis will smooch Peach and open his computer thing and try to talk to Peach. It doesnít matter what response you choose because Boomer will eventually destroy the thing. After that the real battle begins! Use Bowser and Thoreau against Francis. He will disappear into the background. You can flip to 3D and follow Francis, but itís better to stay in 2D. When he appears he will create a flash with his camera and disappear again, summon Meowbombs, or attempt to swallow you with his tongue. His tongue is his most dangerous weapon. If you get swallowed you have to shake the Wii remote to break free. When he appears, fry him with Bowser or grab him with Thoreau and hurl him and stomp him. When you do enough damage heíll run away and youíll have saved Tippi.

Chapter 4-4: The Mysterious Mr. L
Mr. L and Brobot

Who is this mysterious man in green? This battle is split into two parts.

Mr. L Battle PART 1
Mr. L
HP: 40
Attack: 4 (6 from Super Jump)

Mr. L is a tricky boss if you donít use Mario. He will try to jump and Super Jump on you. Be careful of the Super Jump because it can cause major damage. Just continue to jump on him and he doesnít stand a chance. He will try to recover with Shroom Shakes, so jump on him before he can do so. Thereís also a trick I heard that you can use Thoreau to take away the Shroom Shakes and use them for yourself. I havenít tried that trick yet so I donít know if it works, but itís something you can try. After you jump on him long enough heíll use his ultimate robot friend, and that leads us toÖ

Mr. L Battle PART 2
HP: 255 (donít worry, itís easier than it looks)
Attack: 3

Brobot has variety of attacks. He has missiles but you can just dodge them. He has a lot of HP but you just keep shooting lasers at him. He also has lasers that you canít dodge in 2D. Flip to 3D to avoid the attack. His deadliest attack is to inhale you. You can get a variety of upgrades for a short time from the chocolate bars you see. Just tap the 2 button as fast as you can to finish him off. If you feel like you might have trouble, bring a few Shroom Shakes.

Chapter 5-2: Pixls, Tablets and Crag
OíChunks (second battle)
HP: 40
Attack: 3

Use Bowser and Thoreau for this battle. The battle is pretty much the same as last time except youíre fighting in Dimension D and he has some new attacks. He might grab a piece of the floor and hurl it at you, but itís no real danger. Use Bowserís flame breath to deal with him. Bring a few Shroom Shakes just in case.

Chapter 5-4: The Menace of King Croacus
OíChunks (third battle)
HP: 60
Attack: 4

I would have put these Oí Chunks battles together, but this battle is slightly harder. OíChunks is the same as before, but his attacks are faster. He has no new attacks but with his speed faster, Bowser wonít stand a chance. Use Mario instead. I forgot to mention that you can use Barry to deflect his attacks, but Iíd stick to Thoreau. His attacks are the same as before, as I mentioned. Just bring a full inventory of Shroom Shakes because youíll have to face King Croacus later.

King Croacus
HP: 50
Attack: 3

Remember Rose from Paper Mario? King Croacus has the same personality. Heís the one behind the brainwashing. He or she (I call him a she because he looks like a female and talks like female) will grow some heads to protect himself. Go with Mario and Thoreau for this battle because youíll get a game over if you donít take him seriously, as heís harder then most bosses than most bosses youíve faced this far. Grab a head, and when Croacus opens his pedals, jump at his main head. Croacus will command his other heads to try to stomp you. This is another way to reach Croacusís head, but itís much more risky, so attack him the other way. He might try to corner you with spiked stems, so just flip to 3D to avoid it. After awhile King Croacus will go back to just using his own head. He will summon pedal fans to hurt you, but the hard part is already finished, so just grab him with Thoreau and throw him at the pedal fan. I hope you didnít use all your Shroom Shakes during the OíChunks battle or itís game over for you. After enough hits Croacus will be defeated.

Chapter 6-2: The End of a World
Mimi (second battle)
HP: 40
Attack: 3

Mimi isnít going to fight you in her true form this time. Use Peach and Thoreau for this battle because that will let you avoid her rupie attacks. When she makes it rain rupies, grab a fallen rupie and jump at Mimi. She will often flip into 3D, but stay in 2D because the battle is easier there. When rupies donít surround her, attack. She will sometimes knock you off the stage with rupies. When that happens just get back on. Bring some Shroom Shakes. After her fall, Sammerís Kingdom will be devoured by the void. Youíll end up in Flipside and the chapter 6 door still exists.

Chapter 6-1: A World of Nothing
Brobot L-type
HP: 64
Attack: 4

Brobot L-type has the same weapons as the last Brobot. Use Peach again because her umbrella blocks all of Brobotís attacks except the inhaling attack. He can use lasers again, and he shoots missiles and fists at you. When it opens it mouth to inhale you, get away. Of course thatís common sense, but the inhaling attack is still deadly. The only way to damage him is when he gets low enough. Jump on its nose and keep jumping, and use Peachís parasol to keep balanced until it is defeated.

Chapter 7-2 the sealed doors three
Bowser (final battle)
HP: 80
Attack: Flame breath 8, other attacks 4

You were separated by Dimentio, leaving only Mario in your party, but you found Luigi. Later you find Bowser. He has the same moves as last time, only heís improved a lot since you last fought him. The thing to watch out for is the flame breath, which does 8 damage. He also has a new attack by which he will try to run into you, but he doesnít use it much. You can still use Boomer but I used Cudge because it does more damage. Mario or Luigi will do fine, but use Cudge or Boomer. Besides the flame breath Bowser doesnít pose a threat. After you beat him heíll rejoin your party.

Chapter 7-2: The Sealed Doors Three
HP: 16
Attack: 3
Doorguy the third will make you fight this Mario version of Cerberus. Unlike any battle in this game it is an old-school RPG battle. The regular way is fine although the battle is much easier if you have Piccolo the Pixl. I will make a Piccolo sidequest guide at the end of this guide. If you have Piccolo, use her to put the Underchomp to sleep and itís a piece of cake.

Chapter 7-4: A Bonechilling Tale
HP: 80
Attack: 4

Bonechill isnít a challenge unless you donít use Peach or Luigi. He will try to crush you with ice stakes. Use Thoreau to grab one and hit Bonechill with it. He will shoot ice crystals out of his cannon. Use Peachís umbrella or Slim to avoid it. He can freeze you with his icy breath, so watch out. If you want to do major damage to Bonechill, use Luigiís Super Jump on his head while heís breathing ice to do some serious damage. Remember, Luigiís Super Jump can do more damage, but heís also more vulnerable without Slim. Bring some Super Shroom Shakes and Ultra Shroom Shakes if you can. After this you get the final Pure Heart.

Chapter 8-1: The Impending Darkness
OíChunks (final battle)
HP: 100
Attack: 4

Bowser wants to face OíChunks alone, so Bowser is who you have to be. You donít need the other heroes anyway, right? OíChunks is the same as before, with the same moves. You should know by now to use Thoreau. OíChunks has a new move, he will fart up into the air and tray to land on you. When this happens keep moving around the room. When he lands, grab him with Thoreau and fry him with Bowserís flame breath. Keep doing that and heís toast. Bring an entire supply of Super and Ultra Shroom Shakes for the later battles. After he falls the ceiling will collapse. Bowser will stay to hold it along with OíChunks, but will leave because of it.

Chapter 8-2: The Crash
Francis (final battle, optional)
HP: 40
Attack: 4

You may have picked Francis in one of Merleeís questions. The battle is the same as in chapter 3-4 and he has no new moves. Since you donít have Bowser just use Mario or Luigi with Thoreau. If you want a full guide on the Francis battle and his attacks, read the Chapter 3-4 battle.

Mimi (final battle)
HP: ???
Attack: 4

Peach has to go it alone in this battle. Mimi will go it in her true form as a spider. She will use the attacks she used in the previous two battles. Use Thoreau to grab rupies. She might summon waves of rupies like in the first battle, just use Peachís umbrella to dodge all her attacks. Once you hit her with a rupie and she falls to the ground, hit her again and sheíll become dazed. Jump on her and she will lose a spider leg. The tricky part is the moves she used in the last battle. She will eventually stop and have each corner of her surrounded by rupies. She will then zigzag across the room. You need to use Peachís parasol or Slim to avoid this. Just keep knocking off her spiderlegs and youíll be fine. Always use Peachís parasol when she gets ready to attack. The first time I fought her here she gave some trouble, so use some of the Shroom Shakes you brought. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT use all the Shroom Shakes in one battle unless youíre near death. After that Peach stays to save Mimi so sheís gone along with Bowser.

Chapter 8-3: Countdown to Destruction
Dimentio (final battle)
HP: 80
Attack: 4

You will play a game of tag with Dimentio, going through an area each from the previous seven chapters. The chase will end back at the castle, and Luigi will face him alone, and seriously! Alone, no Pixls, no Mario, just Luigi. Dimentio will try to hit you with starbursts that are easy to dodge. He will try to trap you in explosive boxes. When this happens keep moving around and donít stop until Dimentio finishes. Heíll flip to 3D and try to hit you with starbursts, but itís still easy to avoid. Finally heíll try to confuse you with an imposter. If you get hurt by one, thatís the real one. Jump on him because thatís the only option. He should fall quickly with timed jumps. Bring some Shroom Shakes if youíre low on health. After that Dimentio plants a box around him and Luigi and makes it explode, leaving only Mario in your party.

Chapter 8-4: Tippi and Count Bleck
Count Bleck
HP: 150
Attack: 8

You finally made it! Now letís exterminate this evil Count and save the universe. Count Bleck has a barrier surrounding him so you canít hit him. Jump on him a few times to make the battle stop. Heíll attempt to kill you but a familiar voice tells you not give up. Suddenly Bowser, Peach, and Luigi appear and use the Pure Hearts to break the barrier. Now the real battle begins! Count Bleck has many tricks up his sleeve. He mostly uses mini voids, which cause 3 damage. He can make you move slower, which is his most annoying attack. Use Carrie or Dashell to speed up while this happens. Use Bowser and Carrie to get rid of him easily so you can save up your Shroom Shakes. His deadliest attack is summoning a giant void, which can cause 8 damage. Walk further away from the attack to avoid the attack. Just jump on him with Bowser and thatíll finish him.


After Count Bleck falls he tells you to kill him and undo all the damage heís caused. Nastasia will appear and warn Bleck that something is about to hit him. She gets hit by a starburst and falls to the ground dead. Dimentio appears and will tell you that he helped you the whole time. He takes the Chaos Heart and, having planted a Floro Sprout on Luigi to brainwash him, gets ready to fuse a weapon. Dimentio creates Super Dimentio and teleports Bleck, Tippi, and Nastasia to Dimension D before turning to fight you.

Super Dimentio (The Final Boss)
HP: 200
Attack: 8

This is the true final battle! As with the Bleck battle the Chaos Heart will shield Super Dimentio. Just jump on him and the battle will stop. In Dimension D, Count Bleck, Tippi, and eventually OíChunks and Mimi will use their love to rejuvenate the Pure Hearts. Tippi will then rejoin you in the final battle. Now I would use Bowser and Slim because Super Dimentio is the final boss and so his attacks are very deadly. The platforms, which now have faces, start to move. SD has a variety of attacks, his deadliest being when he tries to super jump to flatten you. It causes 8 damage so I hope you brought a whole inventory of Super and Ultra Shroom Shakes. The platforms can shoot beams at you, but just use Slim to avoid this. When an alarm goes of all the platforms will shoot you for a few seconds, use Slim again to avoid it. The easiest way to attack Super Dimentio is to get on the highest platform and jump on the head. You could also get on a lower platform and use flame breath, but it takes careful timing and itís risky since you canít use Slim and the flame breath at the same time. With careful timing and good jumps, just whittle away Super Dimentioís HP until he falls. Once you beat him Luigi will return to normal and Dimentio will die. You will have beaten the game. Congrats on the game as Super Paper Mario has become my favorite Paper Mario game.

Piccolo Sidequest

Piccolo is not a boss but finding this Pixl will make the Underchomp battle easier. You must be in at least chapter 5 to access this quest. First go to the second floor of Flopside and head left to the house and find Merlee. Donít talk to her in front of the crystal ball, go behind her and talk to her. Sheíll send you on a quest to get a crystal ball from Merluvlee in Flipside. She is on Flipsideís second floor on the far right. Talk to Merluvlee in the same way you did to Merlee, not in front of the crystal ball but behind her. Sheíll tell you to get her the tape recorder from Bestovius in exchange for a crystal ball. Bestovius lives in the far right house in the first area of Chapter 1-1, if you donít remember. Heíll give you a tape recorder in exchange for the You Know What from Watchitt in Chapter 1-2. Watchitt is the mayor of Yold Town and lives in the far right house. By now you know thereís a pattern, so go to Watchitt and heíll give you the You Know What if you get an autograph from Merlima in Chapter 1-4. Go to the place where you found the Pure Heart in Chapter 1 and go to the far right and stand there for a few seconds and Merlima will appear. After some gibberish sheíll sign the autograph. After that go back to Watchitt and heíll give you the You Know What. Give it to Bestovius, who will give you the tape recorder. Giver that to Merluvlee, who will give you the crystal ball. Go back to Merleeís place in Flopside and talk to her the same way you did before. Sheíll give you a key to a house in Flopside. Go down to Flopside's first floor and head left and flip into 3D and go through the hole. Flip back and head to the house with a locked door. Inside open the treasure chest to find Piccolo. With Piccolo now you can show the Underchomp whoís boss.

HP: ??? (At least thatís what I think it is, I didnít have Tiptron when I battled him)
Chapter: Flipside Pit of 100 Trials
Required or optional: Optional (You donít have to fight him to beat the game)

If you manage to get to Wracktail on the last floor, heís surprisingly easy. In fact, the only hard part is getting through the other 99 floors to get to him. Anyway, you need to use Luigi for this fight. Wracktail is just about the same as Fracktail except he has more health and his Wrackles can attack you. When he tries to swoop at you just get out of the way. When he tries to attack you from the right use Mario to flip into 3D and jump on his back. As with Fracktail get to the antenna on Wracktailís head and use Luigiís Super Jump attack, it should put you on the top of the antenna. Just keep jumping on there until Wracktail gets irritated and forces you back on the ground. Repeat the process two more times and youíll beat him and your reward is the Pixl Dashell.  If you donít like my strategy with Luigi (which is the easier and faster way to beat him) just use Thoreau to grab a Wrackle and hold it and jump into the underside of Wracktailís antenna. If you thought Wracktail was hard then wait until you fight the other optional bosses.

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