Contest 132
Picture by Latisha Banks

Trollish Beastfighter: Ludwig: Hey! Stop teasing me or I will do some random ninja stuff!

Pokemaniac Joe: You are witnessing a phenomonon known as the Hawaiian Mating Ritual of the nerd.

Fwipp Deathspeeder: All hail Ludwig Caesar!
Fwipp Deathspeeder: Wendy: No, YOU tell King Dad that we messed up his salad! ***FIRST PRIZE***
Fwipp Deathspeeder: Wendy: See? Hula practise CAN be fun!

Waluigi Koopa: ... Ok then. So the Koopalings finally went insane...
Waluigi Koopa: Adult Swim will never be the same after "Mutant Koopas from the Islands".

Super Goomba: Too bad for Ludwig and Wendy, Larry was taking a video clip of their secret date!

Koopaling Josh: When Larry dared Ludwig to hula dance, he didn't think he'd actually like it!
Koopaling Josh: Larry: Ooh, this is great! Must keep snapping photos!
Koopaling Josh: This is just what any average person (or Koopaling) would do on a Saturday morning.

Jess Koopa: Kooky: OW!!! I BIT MY TONGUE!

koopavoncollin: Ludwig: Stop. Your dancing is horrible.

WendyRulez: Proof that Ludwig and Wendy are in love.
WendyRulez: Wendy decided to dump Lemmy and try out Ludwig.
WendyRulez: Wendy: I hope nobody is videotaping this...
WendyRulez: Wendy and Ludwig get "Hawaii Fever" from spending too long in Hawaii.

MetaKnight: Wendy: Ludwig, that skirt does not look good on you!

Dylan: Disco Hula Dancing with Forked Tongues is popular, isn't it?

Gabby: Kooky and Kootie Pie tried to audition for the new Broadway production, Lilo and Stitch: the Musical,
Gabby: but when Kooky said he would donate one of the doomships, the director immediately refused.

Cody: Ludwig: Why must I dance with this nitwit?

BEEZER: What they don't know is that they're wearing poison ivy.

Koopiana Jones: Wendy: All hail Ludwig!
Koopiana Jones: It's amazing how Wendy and Ludwig can curl their tounges like that.
Koopiana Jones: Ludwig: You're right, Wendy, hula lessons ARE fun.
Koopiana Jones: It's the latest dance craze, DO THE HULA!

abigailns: Ludwig: Great, ve do a Lilo and Stitch play and vhat happens? I get cast as the fat alien! **GOOD abigailns: PRIZE**

Hiphop: Ludwig: Wait, when did we get snake tongues?

supercomputer276: The Hawallian Flu, Koopa-style.

Koopus: Ludwig: I hate crossovers...
Koopus: Wendy: Larry finally got hair to grow on my head!
Koopus: Kooky: My job is to keep the real Princess Toadstool in Real World Hawaii, you told me six times,
Koopus: bossy Dad!
Koopus: Wendy: Pushin' time!
Koopus: Ludwig: Now we're going to capture some of your cousins!

hyperguy152: Ludwig: This is the last time I'm betting on Dad AGAINST you.

Alexander von Koopa: This picture is the reason for Iggy's needing of glasses: his eyes burned after seeing
Alexander von Koopa: Ludwig in a Hula skirt.

Felix: Ludwig: How many times do I have to tell you? We're going to Japan for vacation, not Hawaii!
Felix: Wendy: I wonder if Ludwig knows that his best friends are in the next room waiting for him?
Felix: Larry (offscreen): What great blackmail material!

Ruby Koopa: Ludwig: Why, you're right, Wendy! Hula isn't that bad!
Ruby Koopa: Wendy: ALOHA!
Ruby Koopa: This is the first game with Koopalings playable; Super Hula Koopas!
Ruby Koopa: Ludwig: Wendy, when I'm free from this Hula-thingy, you're a dead Koopa!
Ruby Koopa: Susan (offscreen): Oooooh! Can I join you?
Ruby Koopa: Ludwig and Wendy are going to get sued when Bowser finds out they "borrowed" his Hula
Ruby Koopa: stash!

Gloomba: Koopa turned Hawaii?

Termina Overdrive,Bowser`s Loyal Knightess: Ludwig: I feel pretty, oh so pretty...

Whomp: Hawaii tries anything to get more guests... WAIT! Isn't that Ludwig with a remote control?!

Peachy Girl: Maybe the reason Ludwig can't win the Hula contest is because he's too busy staring at the
Peachy Girl: mole under Wendy's left eye.

Pyro Bundt: Bowser: HEY, nothing pro... pro... prodetivit in my house, I WANT MY CHILDREN TO BE
Pyro Bundt: Roy: NO! Don't go to the dark side, Ludwig, because dancing is EVIL LIKE THE DARK SIDE!
Pyro Bundt: Roy: I've been scarred... well, from a fight, but then I got scarred by this vision.

Dark Luigi: Ludwig's newest, and most horrific, invention has bypassed the laws of nature.
Dark Luigi: Fawful: Bowletta in comparison pales to this; very far away shall I DEFINITELY stay from this.
Dark Luigi: Roy: Oh my gosh, I will never hit anyone in the head that hard ever again. **GOOD PRIZE**
Dark Luigi: Ludwig's newest invention, the magnetic hula skirt, can be found in a store near you.
Dark Luigi: Wendy: Ludwig, you dolt, you are so incredibly... HOT!!!
Dark Luigi: Ludwig never knew he was capable of creating something so diabolical.

Orange: It's a scene from the new game "Dance Dance Revolution Koopaling Mix!"

gameman: Ludwig: She'd better pay me those 200 coins she owes me.

Gastlis: How they managed to cut in the tail holes I'll never know.


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